• UPDATED: JFK Middle School In Southington, CT, Made Students Watch Pride Video, School Says Video Is In Curriculum

    Source: EdPuzzle

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    Earlier this month students at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Middle School in Southington, CT, were forced to watch a six-minute video about Pride month without parents' knowledge or consent.

    The video assured children that "we can be proud of the things we do and we can be proud of who we are" and even asks students to complete an open-ended question to show they were proud of something before getting into, essentially, identity politics.

    Students are taught that the plus sign at the end of "LGBTQIA+" means there's always more to learn about and know about gender, sexuality and identity. As if gender isn't a just a simple binary.

    Source: EdPuzzle

    Students are also taught about the Stonewall Uprising in NYC June 28, 1969, and frequently reminded about how important it is to be allies to LGBTQ people. They are shown images of same-sex couples in intimate moments, and holding signs like "love is love" and "female liberation".

    Source: EdPuzzle

    Students are also introduced to Danial Quasar who is credited with developing the progress pride flag that was raised at the White House at the same height as the American flag earlier this month. Quasar describes himself as a queer non-binary celestial object having a human experience. Whatever that means.

    Students are then shown a picture with 18 different kinds of pride flags, and asked what this wide variety of flags teaches us.

    Source: EdPuzzle

    They are also reminded that pride takes courage, and that pride month is filled with "celebratory, safe and supportive events" like pride parades that glorify those who express their "true selves".

    Children are asked a question about the various ways they could show support to LGBTQ people in their school or community, and are encouraged to do so. The suggestions included:

    • Wear or display a Pride flag (the example of a transgender support button was given);
    • Join a club or support group; and
    • Be kind to everyone.
    Source: EdPuzzle

    Parents expressed frustration and outrage over the video. Especially devout, religious parents whose religion may be opposed to openly supporting pride, for instance. Parents were concerned this was a personal agenda being driven by one teacher in the school, but the school denied the allegation.

    “There was an immediate assumption amongst some in the community that this was teachers pushing an individual agenda which was simply not true as the video was provided by the school,” said Steven Madancy, Superintendent of Southington Public Schools.

    “Some in the community have expressed concern over the topic amid their religious beliefs as well as what they feel is a developmentally appropriate timeline to begin these conversations with kids,” said Madancy.

    Obviously, parents are concerned about a hyper-focus on sexuality in the middle school curriculum.

    "I think we should be teaching our children to focus on academics," another parent said. "I don't know why we put such a big pressure on students as to who they have relationships with, especially in the middle school environment."

    Let's face it, it's not just middle school curriculum putting pressure on students to consider their "gender" being separate from their biological sex. The evidence of a larger "LGBTQ agenda" is absolutely everywhere you turn this month.

    Source: EdPuzzle

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