• US Congressman Jim Himes Compares Republicans With Taliban, Iranian Regime And Chinese Communists

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    US Congressmen Jim Himes from Connecticut runs quite a Twitter account.

    He retweeted an article about a library in Indiana that called for a book review of the Teen collection.

    It seems that Republicans assumed a majority of seats on the Board of Trustees of Hamilton East Public Library. Their first order of business was to update the library’s collection development policy.

    The new book selection policy added the following verbiage, “for children and teens, the library will work to ensure that collections are age appropriate."

    Library staff panicked, and claimed half of the books in the teen section would end up getting moved to the adult section or perhaps removed from the shelves altogether under the new policy.  Especially since the new Republicans on Board of Trustees would now have a say.

    Screenshot, Twitter.

    Himes called Republican efforts to relocate pornographic books to the adult section something that "the Taliban, the Iranian regime, and the Chinese communist party do.”

    Himes was roasted in the replies on social media.

    The only reply that included pictures of the kinds of library books in question was buried by Twitter.  You have to scroll through all of the replies, click “Show more replies”, scroll again, and then click "Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content” before you can actually see it.  


    As one commenter said, "Moving books from the Kids and Teen section to the Adult section is hardly “Level: North Korea”, Jimbo."

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    How pathetic. Nothing could be further from the truth. But then that's Democrats for you.

    Robert Bettinger

    Pointing finger at Republicans accusing them for what he and his own parties are doing.

    Right out of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.”

    Didn’t both Hillary and Obama do college papers on that book?


    Accuse your enemies of exactly what YOU are doing. Projecting your crimes onto them. Most used tactic of communists.


    I hate how disingenuous leftists are being about this whole "banned books" issue. From Jim Himes to Library organizations to Roseanne without Roseanne (I think they renamed it "The Connors" but screw ABC Disney as Roseanne did nothing wrong and Valerie Jarrett does look like a character from Planet of the Apes and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood) they've all been lying in their takes on this. I'm glad to see Himes roasted for his bad take but library organizations aren't and they are misrepresenting parental challenges to having certain books in school libraries or as part of curriculums as "banning" and misrepresenting the sexually explicit nature of many of these books by saying the books are merely claimed to contain explicit content when one graphic novel called Gender Queer literally has panels that you can't show on YouTube for violating community guidelines. As for Roseanne without Roseanne (I didn't watch it my mom did but I overheard a part of a story line about this early in the episode and I told my mom some books need to be removed from school libraries and the next day she said it was wrong to ban books like Catcher in The Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird and I'm like no one is angry over American classics, the TV show is lying about what this is all about. Parents don't want the sexually explicit adult books being accessible to underage audiences


    Herr Himes is a good little Nazi.


    A famous radio commentator once foretold how this nation would be taken over and he was spot on.

    Paul Harvey 1965: If I were the Devil

    The Devin is now here and his name is DemocRATS.

    Tom Belmont

    Mr.Himes declared the U.S.Constitution was written by (paraphrasing) rich, educated, slave owners, that such 18th century thought was outdated, stale, self serving and generally wrong. He made these comments during a debate with Harry Aurora Oct. 2018, at the University of Ct branch,Stamford. He made the same remarks at the Wilton high school,same year. He presented Progressive policy that included the propaganda that voter ID was racist.His remarks are a matter of record , Women’s League of voters.

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