• Vaccinated Senator Chris Murphy Tests Positive For Covid Again, Cancels Annual Walk Across CT

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    Argh. Senator Chris Murphy (CT) got covid again, despite being an early adopter of covid vaccines, having received his first dose on December 19, 2020, just eight days after the FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s covid vaccine on December 11, 2020.   

    “The vaccine is safe, effective and it’s going to save lives… I got the first of two doses today, and I encourage everyone in CT to get vaccinated,” Murphy said.

    Perhaps he misspoke about taking two doses at once on the first day?

    Nonetheless, the vaccine failed to stop Murphy from contracting covid, forcing him to reschedule his annual Walk Across Connecticut to a later date.

    Murphy heavily promoted covid vaccines throughout the pandemic, and even suggested they were "scientific miracles" though he did recognize the potential for "breakthrough cases" in which fully vaccinated people, like himself, could get covid. Nonetheless the message from Murphy has always been crystal clear: get vaccinated.

    Source: Facebook
    Source: Facebook

    Of course, this is not the first time the vaccinated Senator contracted covid.

    He got it on December 1, 2021.

    Then he got it again on April 26, 2022.

    And now he has it again on August 30, 2023.

    Every time he tests positive, he uses the opportunity to promote fear about covid.

    "But it’s a reminder for us all that COVID is still out there. While my symptoms are mild, this remains a bad virus for people who are sick, elderly and/or immune compromised. It’s still important to test if you’re feeling symptoms and quarantine if you’re positive," Murphy said.

    Commenters on social media wondered if the Senator perhaps needed a booster shot, even though the CDC said that the data and science do not support annual covid vaccines.

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    Thank goodness he was vaccinated. /snark off


    He's one of the lucky ones. The unlucky "died suddenly."

    John C

    That could still happen to him.


    He being one of those who ultimately expire after multiple vaccinations and boosters?


    gee, sir, just get more boosters until you get the 'final fix'.


    are people like him deliberately this obtuse?? seems so

    Pip McGuigin

    He's a politician. His party expects him to toe the line about the fake vaccines. He is a compliant non-thinking drone. His message will never be true because it has no true science behind it. Connecticut....wake up and dump this charlatan.


    I suggest he change up which vax brand he's getting. Eventually, he won't ever need any more of them.


    Murphy's Law.

    Larry Mondello

    He keeps getting Covid which indicates he may have a weakened immune system. I wonder how that could have happened?


    I think he need to double up on his boosters.


    Since "covid" was a 99.98% recovery flu, exactly how many lives would you actually save injecting this stuff into everyone?

    We all knew this already from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in early 2020? Who exactly hyped up "covid" to make the world go barking dog crazy? Including WHO.


    The only ones who have to fear covid are those that got the jabs, the rest of us are protected from covid by being spike free....

    John C

    Good thing he cancelled the walk, exertion mixed with the clot shot can kill you. Look at all of the Athletes who have succumb to the shot.


    He is a Peter crying wolf for money. SCUM


    if only he had that new double secret improved VAX

    Jim k


    Last edited 7 months ago by Jim k
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