• Vivek Ramaswamy Is Everywhere, Including In Greenwich

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    By Kimberly Fiorello

    When someone asks what got me into politics, I answer there’s nothing more wonderful than to study the great ideas that founded our country, do my best to live by and honor them, and then go out and engage in the public arena to promote and protect them.

    What America stands for is on every coin we mint: Liberty; In God We Trust; and E Pluribus Unum. Built on these pillars, ours is the only country whose name is used to describe a kind of dream that waves of immigrants want desperately to make real – the American Dream.

    What is so exciting about Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running for U.S. President, is not only that he is a son of Indian immigrants, a youthful millennial only 37 years old, a successful business founder of a biotech firm, the best-selling author of “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” and one of the most fresh and energetic Republicans to get on the national stage, but also he is so incredibly passionate about our country’s founding ideals.

    “From reviving our national identity to unleashing our economy and declaring independence from communist China, Vivek’s vision is focused on national revival, not a national divorce,” says his campaign website.

    Since he launched his campaign on February 21st, he’s been everywhere. In fact, by May 9th, a profile of Vivek on politico.com was entitled, “No, you’re not crazy. Vivek Ramamswamy is everywhere.” It described how Vivek says yes to almost every interview request and stays long after events to talk to people, even autographing a piece of fruit. It was an interview with Vivek that was Don Lemon’s last on CNN.

    “It’s the most always-on, always-available strategy of the 2024 presidential race. And it appears to be working,” the writers at politico.com said of Vivek’s campaign style.

    More recently, on May 22, Vivek penned an op-ed that was published in the New York Post, “Why my GOP competitors should take my lead and visit America’s inner cities.” He described going to meet people in the South Shore of Chicago. The crowd was mostly black and nearly unanimously in favor of racial reparations, he wrote. What he was most surprised by was that the activists he met were far more critical of Democrats than of Republicans.

    “Abandoned by their leaders, South Shore residents are fed up that their community is on track to being flooded with illegal migrants who will be housed at the high school, costing thousands of dollars per month per migrant, while locals are struggling,” he wrote.

    “They applauded when I committed to use the military to secure the southern border,” he wrote. “I let the audience know: I refused to say something different to them than I say to my own Republican primary base. They reciprocated in kind. That’s really what unified us. I respected their honesty, and they respected mine.”

    Vivek Ramaswamy is coming to Greenwich as the keynote for the Republican Town Committee’s Lincoln-Reagan Party To Remember on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

    Vivek believes we are not as divided as we might think if we can remember again our common set of ideals as Americans. I couldn’t agree more and every chance I get I love to remind folks what messages we commemorated on our money: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum.

    Local Republicans, Unaffiliateds, and Democrat voters, come join our Lincoln-Reagan party to meet and talk with Vivek Ramaswamy in person. He promises an engaging Q&A after his brief remarks.

    VIP-level tickets go to support Vivek’s campaign and party-level tickets support the Greenwich Republicans. Events start for VIP at 5:30PM and for the party at 7:30PM. The party will be hosted at a private home in Greenwich and the address will be given upon RSVP. For more details and to purchase tickets, please go to www.greenwichrepublicans.com.

    Kimberly Fiorello served as the State Representative for District 149 – Greenwich, Stamford (2021-23). She is a wife and mother for four school-aged children.

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    Amy Williams

    He will make a great VP for 2024, and President in 2028-but this time around, it must be Trump- we need him to settle the “International Crisis” (WWIII)- no one else has the skill set for this- only Trump.

    But, considering election fraud, we need a Miracle for any GOP candidate to win.🙏🏼

    F D

    For your edification:
    This is Vivek Ramaswamy a few years ago trying to raise money for his Pharma/BioTech outfits in China, which remained active as of last year.

    F D

    Addendum: my previous comment re: Vivek edification…credit link and copied comment, credit to another commenter from treehouse.

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