• The Voting Moms, A Front Group For Dems, Signals It Wants To Take Over The Greenwich Republican Party

    January 4, 2024

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    Hey Greenwich Republicans!

    You better make sure you get all of your ducks in a row for the upcoming Republican Town Committee (RTC) caucuses on January 9th.

    Because a pair of ladies more commonly known as "The Voting Moms" just sent out an email signaling that they are trying to take over the RTC.

    Screenshots from The Voting Moms email
    The email lists an incorrect site for the D4 RTC Caucus; it's being held at Byram Fire Station

    The main problem with that, of course, is that The Voting Moms is a front organization for DEMOCRATS and some disgruntled RINOs, including the former RTC chair, Dan Quigley, who lost not just his chairmanship but also his own seat on the RTC in 2022 after a primary, and James Waters, the perennial "tick" on the elephant's back, whose mother's left-leaning organization, The Greenwich League of Women Voters, has also taken a sudden interest in the RTC caucuses.

    The Moms, Jenna Lowe and Emily Goodman are gunning hard for the group of energetic, motivated Republicans who took out a majority of the old guard network of uniparty Republicans in the 2022 RTC caucuses—a win that sent shockwaves throughout the town and state.

    A group of Republicans that The Voting Moms thinks are a bunch of "MAGA extremists" simply because they care about protecting parental rights and stopping globalists from taking over Greenwich, for instance.

    But who are the Moms anyway?

    Are they really "moderate" and "bipartisan" citizens "who were spurred into local “get out the vote” activism after the 2016 election"?

    Or is there more to the Moms' story of operating what some have suggested appears to be an unregistered PAC?

    Turns out that at least one of these gals was hardly "spurred" into action after 2016, and has actually been a political hack for decades.

    It all started while she was working on her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. That's when Emily Goodman interned for Hillary Clinton's infamous senate campaign in 2000, in conjunction with ACORN offshoot, the Working Families Party, a party that Bernie Sanders once described as “the closest thing there is to a political party that believes in my vision of democratic socialism."

    Screenshots from LinkedIn.

    For her next internship, Goodman served as a judicial intern at the notoriously activist Southern District of New York Court under Judge Denny Chin, a Barack Obama appointee who would later go on to join the opinion written by Senior U.S. Circuit Judge Jose A. Cabranes that said Donald Trump could not use presidential immunity as a defense in a defamation lawsuit by writer E. Jean Carroll.

    By the way, Goodman is a huge fan of E. Jean Carroll.

    But she's not at all a fan of Clarence Thomas, and wishes he was "ripped to shreds" by Ketanji Brown Jackson over the Court's decision to end the racist practice of affirmative action.

    She's also not a fan of the headliner from the RTC's summer fundraising party, Vivek Ramaswamy, having retweeted a post that said Vivek was running a "MAGA GOP hate campaign."

    Her social media is absolutely littered with progressive causes, like when she retweeted race baiter Colin Kaepernick of "take-a-knee" fame, and Kamala Harris's suggestion that Trump was throwing a "welcome home party" for white supremacists when he held a rally on Juneteenth in 2020.

    Source: X

    Goodman was very excited when Kathy “Quarantine Camp” Hochul was first installed to run New York.   She even backed accused sex offender Andrew Cuomo’s calls for a national mask mandate and suggested wearing a mask was an “IQ test”!

    Source: X
    Source: X

    Now she's pushing for the globalist's wet dream of digital ID that will track everything you do and set this country up for a Chinese-style social credit system.

    Source: X

    And she's investing in Annie Lamont’s Tidal River, which is just one of the many questionable investments and arrangements that allow Democrats to profit at the people’s expense.

    This is the Democrat calling the current Greenwich Republican leadership "extremists".

    This is the Democrat trying to orchestrate a take-over of the Republican Party by pretending she is a moderate who wants to see Republican leadership "who will serve the diverse interests of our town and approach town governance in a collaborative manner."

    Of course she does!

    What Democrat wouldn't want to have control over Republican leadership? And have the ability to force Republicans to bend to the will of the Democrats all of the time?!

    So, pay attention Greenwich Republicans.

    You have a hard core, long-time political operative trying to steal your party right out from underneath you.

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