• Westport's Bedford Middle School Sends Students Home With Rainbow Propaganda

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    We are barely a week into June, and in celebration of pride month, (didn't it used to be pride "week"?), my kids have come home from middle school since Monday with rainbow flags, pride bracelets with the school's name on them and colorful pins, which I didn't recognize, but which my 12-year-old daughter told me it means she's a lesbian.

    Or supported them, or something, she couldn't be quite sure, but all her friends were wearing them, so she took one.

    I'm not sure who is paying for this, is it taxpayer funded I wonder? I asked myself, if there is spare money kicking around, could it be better spent, say on improving the food in the cafeteria, or better still, being given to poorer schools in the area?

    I'm also intrigued as to where all this plastic is going to end up.  So I looked on sustainablewestport.org's website and discovered that CT landfills are now full. "As a result, CT now burns much of its waste... burning trash contributes to climate change by adding ash and other particulate matter to the air.  Due to the lack of waste-to-energy facilities in the area, CT has begun trucking solid waste out of state".  How very generous and inclusive of us!

    I suggest that concerned parents start speaking up and asking that we take more meaningful actions to limit waste - surely no-one  really wants more "stuff"?!


    Lorraine Shelley

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