• What Greenwich Might Look Like If Progressives And Globalists Get Everything They Want

    October 5, 2023
    Greenwich Avenue.

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    Global progressives for decades have attempted to turn Greenwich, and other like communities into state controlled communities. Through constantly rebranded efforts, the most recent called "Desegregate CT", they will continue to chip away at the quality of life for communities they feel are "unfair".

    These attempts are part of a larger, globally progressive agenda that is affecting our neighbors in Scarsdale, Bronxville and other communities in Westchester County.

    They hope to erode our local control of zoning and education so they can reach more "equity".

    Allow me to give you a view into what the future of Greenwich would look like under Democratic control.

    You spent more money than you had to purchase your dream home. Maybe you commute everyday to New York City to grind on Wall Street or work as a nurse at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

    You can't park at the train station anymore, because there is now a five story apartment building where the parking lot used to be. So there is nowhere for you to leave your state mandated Electric Vehicle.

    It's snowing, so your "last mile" scooter is sliding around River Road and you are almost plowed into by oncoming traffic. So you decide the walk home will be safer, and besides, bail reform has made it advantageous for the new criminal element in Greenwich to steal your scooter and face no repercussions.

    The state delegation to Hartford is powerless to help.

    You elect Democrats. While Arenzo and Khanna have shown little effectiveness so far, Steve Meskers has already revealed himself to be a blinding partisan so you don't expect help from him.

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    After arriving at Grand Central Station, you hail your yellow cab (you can't take the subway for fear of either being tossed on the tracks, or prosecuted if you prevent someone else from getting tossed on the track) and you can't get an Uber because the progressives have made ride-share (true demand economics) illegal, as it doesn't serve the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

    You finish your 12-hour day or shift and take another cab back to Grand Central. It's a $60 cab ride because of the "Congestion Pricing" that NYC progressives have instituted. But, fortunately, you are able to eventually dodge thousands of asylum seekers, many of whom at this point have determined crime pays.

    After walking home from the train since your fifth $250 scooter has been stolen, you check with your spouse to see how their day progressed. They had a tough day as well. He or she had to travel five miles from your home to pick the kids up at school. The line at pickup was long. The new Central Middle School (built at a cost of $140 million) now holds 1,000 students, and not having 1,000 students in Greenwich, the state legislature decided that CMS is now a magnet school for lower Fairfield County.

    Hundreds of children whose parents do not pay Greenwich Taxes are now attending your children's school. Not all of them have the values you instilled upon your kids. Some physically fight, there was a lockdown because a 14-year old brought a gun to school, and the teachers spend 80% of their time dealing with the 5% of kids who have become disciplinary issues. Your choices include spending $40K a year on private school, or sending your kids to a regional school.

    After seeing your fifth property tax increase in five years of over 1-2 mils, you determine you have had enough. Central Middle School ended up costing $150 million and Old Greenwich $80 million, and with no oversight from the BET, the Board of Education was able to crowbar through expensive bells and whistles like marble floors and staff workout facilities.

    Julian Curtiss School school needs remodeling, but the town's finances cannot sustain it. Yet nobody cares because it's not serving the new residents who poured into the new affordable housing in Old Greenwich and Cos Cob. You decide to write a letter to the editor of the newspaper. You are upset. You post on X, the comments are deemed "racist and intolerant". Your children begin to be bullied at school. Your boss calls, you are being put on administrative leave because you are in violation of the new Social Media and Misinformation Act.

    You decide to bring your gripe to the constituents. You engage your local Greenwich Republican Town committee chair. He tells you not to worry, it's all about "moderation". The candidate he preferred for U.S. President lost the primary.

    Instincts and the desire for action overtake you. It's your decision to start having your elected representatives work for you, not against you, so you do research. You organize a slate of candidates and have them run for election. The chairman is not as organized. He fails to whip his votes, turn out his constituency and retain his position. He loses and begins a two-year long campaign, eventually winding up on a seldom listened to radio show, using inflammatory language like you "staged a coup", "took over" and that you are an "existential threat", all for doing nothing but running for an office and winning.

    Now it's time to really take action. You decide, I'm running for the legislature. Your neighbors, friends and colleagues rally behind you. You win over your Town Committee and get your name on the ballot. Nearly half of the town, 49.9%, is behind you. However, the former local chair has consorted with the opposition party and placed his name on the ballot. Thousands of dollars from the Indivisible campaign has poured into your district because even with the plurality of the town supporting you, you did not finish above the 50% threshold in the state's new Ranked Choice Voting system. You lose, even though 60% of your town prefers a Republican, so you are now represented (again) by a Democrat.

    You've had it. You decide to move to Florida. You sell your house and are forced to pay an exit tax.

    But tis not over.

    The Central Bank has eradicated cash, making all transactions subject to a social credit rating. Since you spoke in opposition to Regional Schools, you are deemed "a threat to democracy" and your accounts are frozen. Or, as in the UK's system, Closed Circuit TV has caught you attending a known meeting of the Greenwich Republican Party, a determined "hate group" and has unilaterally frozen your account access.

    This is not fiction, it's a compilation of progressive laws and initiatives managed by a National Political Action Committee whose desire is to eradicate "income inequality".

    These ideas are not limited to the CCP, these practices are being implemented across Europe and in the U.K. as well as by our neighbors to the north in Canada.

    I believe everyone has a duty to fight these initiatives, so I hope you join me.

    Submitted by Anonymous by fear of Social and Professional retribution.

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    And everyone thought “1984” was fiction…did anyone imagine they would freeze the bank accounts of truck drivers who didn’t want to take an experimental vaccine? Yet, that happened…they are eroding our freedoms but it happens in a way where people slowly get used to it. Like the frog in the pot of water that slowly boils. Democrats need a history lesson…striving for equity is just implementing socialism/communism and it will destroy us.


    Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
    Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people!

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