• Former Greenwich RTC Chair Complains About MAGA, Culture Wars, And Book Bans While Expressing Fear Over "RTM Takeover"

    Dan Quigley, Source: Facebook.

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    Yesterday, former Greenwich RTC Chair Dan Quigley joined The Lisa Wexler Show to share his thoughts on what he deems the “clear and present danger to our democracy” he sees after more than 100 Greenwich residents were inspired to run for the RTM.

    You would think that an engaged citizenry would be encouraging to him, but instead he seems fearful that so many people have taken an interest in how their town is run.

    Quigley, who lamented his 2022 ouster from the RTC by what he calls a “MAGA kind of far right” minority, started off by praising two anti-Trump articles—one in the New Yorker and the other in the New York Times—just to make sure you know that he thinks the Republican party needs to move away from Trump and become a more welcoming party.  

    Except he doesn’t want the party to be welcoming to “these people” who want to make America great again—the 13,264 Greenwich residents who voted for Trump in 2020.

    He derided the RTC’s candidates in the most recent election, calling them too “extreme” and suggesting that they caused “turmoil” with “bad optics" and "horrible messaging” by bringing the culture wars to Greenwich.  

    The culture wars were already brewing in Greenwich, so blaming that on the candidates feels a bit misguided.

    He says that the group of candidates running for the RTM poses an "existential threat to the proper functioning of our local government” echoing the familiar sentiment of progressives and anti-Trumpers who feel they are at risk of losing their own power to this newly engaged group of citizens. 

    Then he revealed his thoughts about Greenwich Patriots, which he called the “mouthpiece of the far far right” in Greenwich.  

    Quigley complained that our newsletter is full of "pro-Trump stuff, anti-vaccine conspiracies, CRT related stuff” and then whines that, "it's not good a look for the town” and even calls it “misinformation”.  He further alleges that we attempt to deceive voters by “fear mongering"…  with all of the well-sourced facts that we include in the newsletter.  He thinks it’s dangerous for people to know these facts.

    Yet he apparently still reads the newsletter every day.  Just like the host.  And the thousands of other readers who are grateful for the valuable information and insights we include with each newsletter.  

    Wexler asked Quigley about the book banning issue, which our readers know is not about banning books, but rather is about ensuring that books are age-appropriate.  

    Instead of lining up with concerned parents and the rest of the Republican party, Quigley thought that putting sexually-explicit books in front of students was not a big issue.  He said, “so anytime we’re banning something, we’re banning ideas, we’re banning thoughts, we’re banning books… I think too much of an emphasis on it is misdirecting our energy in the wrong place.  I don’t think it’s a particularly big issue.” 

    This is the same attitude that caused so many concerned Republicans to flood the RTC caucuses in 2022.

    He also complained about our right to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain public records that might reveal other potentially dangerous facts.

    Instead, Quigley tells you that you are supposed to trust the League of Women Voters, despite the blatant progressive bias of the national League, and that you are supposed to trust the Trump-hating local media.  The same local media that failed to tell you the truth about covid vaccines.  And the same local media that prints attacks that gaslight parents concerned about what their children are learning in schools.

    It will be interesting to see if the approach of attacking 13,264 Greenwich residents, and pushing aside parents’ concerns about woke schools will form the basis of a successful RTM campaign for Quigley.

    Listen to Wexler’s interview with Dan Quigley here

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