• What If Greenwich Schools Were Biased In Favor Of Conservatives?

    Greenwich High School. Public domain.

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    The following is adapted from a speech delivered at last night’s Greenwich Board of Education meeting where, among other things, the Superintendent’s contract was on the agenda.  The Board could not reach agreement on the contract extension, so a special meeting will be added to resolve the debate.

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    Before you make your final decision on the Superintendent’s contract renewal, I’m hoping that you will entertain the following “what if” scenarios.

    What would happen if an undercover journalist released a video that revealed Greenwich Schools discriminated against hiring Democrats, atheists, and recent college graduates?

    What if a group of Greenwich educators decided to secretly implement curriculum from Hillsdale College without the Board of Education’s approval, in direct violation of Connecticut education law?

    What if a student captured a video of a teacher telling children that sex is a binary, and that gender affirming care is harmful, dangerous and unproven?

    What if students were forced to attend an all-school assembly run by Turning Point USA where they were encouraged to come out, and proudly declare their MAGA pride in front of the whole school?

    What if guidance counselors were caught giving out pro-life flags and stickers that said “God Bless America”?

    What if a school employee was caught secretly helping a student transition to Catholicism without the knowledge of their parents?

    What if an employee was caught recommending books to transgender students about detransitioning?

    What if vaccinated employees were forced to undergo experimental testing every week to make sure they weren't shedding?

    What if free bible clinics were set up on school grounds and outside of sports practices, and students who didn’t attend bible clinics were shamed in the classroom for being unholy?

    What if students were told the only resources they could use for their homework were Fox News, Breitbart and Newsmax?

    What if teachers used a private Discord server to share scripture from the Bible and promote Christian values to students without their parents’ knowledge?

    What if the high school sociology class taught students that systemic racism is a myth that is used to keep people divided by race?

    What if educators were forced to read the book American Marxism by Mark Levin, and then required to incorporate the findings into the classroom?

    What if the media center received a free Donald J. Trump book library that featured books celebrating his presidency and the America first movement that he built?

    Did any of those scenarios make you feel uncomfortable or upset? 

    If you nodded your head and answered YES to any of these “what ifs”, then I wonder why the Board’s debate is over how many more years are added to the Superintendent’s contract for the sake of “continuity”...

    When perhaps the debate should be about holding the Superintendent accountable for breaking the Board’s policies, violating Connecticut education law, and creating a politically-charged and divisive environment?

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    Amy Williams

    That is just perfect!
    What if this article was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, NYT?

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