• When Arrogance Meets Ignorance, We Are Placed At Great Risk

    March 30, 2024
    Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont; Public Domain.

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    If you are a Connecticut citizen that is safely locked behind three mechanisms and order all of your meals via takeout and/or otherwise spend your life in your apartment with your computer and/or never venture from your confines and/or otherwise see the light of day, you might start believing the pap and drivel fed to you continually by state driven and taxpayer-paid media telling you continually that Connecticut is a “happening” place, that it is an economic City on the Hill, that there is nothing cooler than a place with great pizza, no-questions asked-taxpayer-paid abortion and “gender-affirming care” on demand and that the sky is the limit, nothing that I will write today will make any impression on you whatsoever, sadly until the time when your bubble bursts.

    But to the majority of Connecticut citizens that are seeing life in the Nutmeg State on the plane of reality, they are seeing quite a different ballgame than you see.

    For these humble and decent taxpaying folks who just want to live each day enjoying the fruits of their labor merely asking government to do just the basics that it should, and somehow can no longer do, most wonder about their physical safety in a myriad of situations; whether they are trying to pump gas, commute to work or in running into a grocery store to buy essential goods especially in Crime Free Democrat Connecticut. Many wonder if the home of the recently deceased Mrs. Jones next door will be commandeered by illegal alien migrants that will exercise their “right to remain” raising their middle finger to an inept system. Many wonder about their physical safety when stopping at a Taxpayer funded rest stop on the Connecticut highway system, or if their car will be hijacked in broad daylight. Many wonder about their physical safety when they will be forced into a mandated and deficient electric vehicle, and as soon as they are driving down the pitiful Connecticut highway system and are out of power, they will be forced to pull into these same safe Taxpayer funded rest stops to charge their vehicles and must now become very aware of potential assaults. Since a criminal cannot hijack a dead car, will he then resort to damaging the vehicle and stealing the driver's personal belongings or wounding or killing the driver? Funny how no "leaders" or the "professionals" of the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection ever factor this very real parameter into their drive for "E-Car 2035"

    Are we really safe with the Democrat Party Regime in power in Connecticut?

    Our exemplar person in the first paragraph of this article may not be asking this question, but I will: Are we really safe with Democrat Party Regime in power if there was a massive disaster? Will an “equity-focused” leader have the mindset, leadership skills, or the wherewithal to protect his or her population in a catastrophe such as what happened on 9/11/2021? Or will fingers be pointed as always, and somehow the cataclysm will be deemed the Republicans or Donald J. Trump’s fault.

    Many of these same good people wonder about their physical safety when they fly in an airplane and drive over our crumbling and hideously unsafe road infrastructure. These same roads supposedly were a product of "Build Back America" with over 4000 projects commenced costing $1 trillion dollars of American Taxpayers Monies that are showing no tangible results as of today. Are we really safer with these projects? Why are none of these projects ever mentioned to American taxpayers? Are they secret projects that have been given through no bid contracts to operatives of the Democrat Party? Does any of these no-bids have anything to do with our highways and bridges being “racist?” Can “Build Back America” repair the Francis Key Bridge in Baltimore quickly, safely, and efficiently so as not to damage the economy any more than it is already? To that question, just take one look at the operative people charged with this endeavor. mNo further explanation is required.

    We have heard a constant drone of climate change/global warming/ecological damage forthcoming since the 1970's. Yet by some miracle we are still somehow alive and well in 2024 and one could argue that our environment has never been better and has improved radically since the "horrific" 1970's that many of us lived through and are still alive and prospering today. One could argue that maybe the Baby Boomer generation has been able to adapt to living their entire lives and to actually survive and prosper through the constant inane droning of climate change/global warming/ecological damage forthcoming since their youth. Think about how all the money wasted in this required exercise in the futility of climate change/global warming/ecological damage forthcoming since the 1970's that apparently can never be resolved unless we revert to a stone age type of lifestyle driven by zealots and lunatics. Please ask yourself: Are we really safe with Democrat Party Regime in power spewing their incoherent gibberish about these issues?

    Again, look at the players and elected officials involved, and draw your own conclusions. Now that it has been well-established that King Ned Lamont the Unaccountable and his political cohorts entirely mismanaged Covid-19 (or alternatively, managed it extremely well for those in his inner circle at the expense of the public), please ask yourself what happens if we have another man made or natural disaster in the world or in a place like Connecticut? Will the “DEI” (affectionately known as “Didn’t Earn It”) administration of the State of Connecticut sustain us? In asking yourself that question, please consider that the lack of any consistency, logic, or reason is staggering.

    As just one example, the Port of New Haven recently has been touted by state-run media as an alternative to the currently inoperative Port of Baltimore, MD. However, these same lunatics that are also pushing the dribble of wind power and climate change failed to factor that if such a logistics shift were possible (and it is not as New Haven is not a deep-water port) the massive additional diesel truck traffic and additional emissions spewed in the “respiratory stressed” Connecticut cities transporting goods to the Capitol area would be gargantuan. The lack of any reasoning here, is staggering. Nationally, we see clearly how 1,200 murdered innocent Israeli citizens have been treated by the established Democrat Party Regime since the October 7th, 2023, massacre by the Hamas terrorists. While the nouveau Democrat mourns the passing of devout Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman, we see now how the Democrat Party Regime truly feels about abandoning Israel, our historical reliable ally in the Middle East. Shouldn't Hamas be held accountable for their actions of this murder and torture? Why would anyone of the Jewish faith wish to support any candidate of the Democrat Party Regime in power with this type of policy?

    In conclusion, we are in no way safe with the Democrat Party Regime in power at any level of government. From election fraud in Bridgeport, Connecticut to the blather and bull coming out of Hartford daily throwing mandates of all aspects against your businesses and personal lives, to the deadly swamp of corrupt Washington, D.C., and its illegal Presidential mandates made by a shadow government of unethical proportions working through a demented President, the dangers are all there in full view. Ethics, freedoms, truths, and safety are all disregarded by the Democrat Party Regime in power. It is time for this regime to be dismantled once and for all. We need to be safe and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful state of Connecticut and of the United States of America, once again.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Amy Williams

    Unfortunately, you are right-only way out is to fight the election system to get politicians in who are actually elected by the people. Or, maybe just get the hell out of CT

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