• The Curious Case Of Westport Political Madness

    March 30, 2024

    Things catching fire, blowing up, and falling down here, there, and everywhere. . . more of those thousand cuts adding up. Just maybe, the dazed-and-confused (possibly hypnotized) American public, a.k.a., the “voters,” might put together that “Joe Biden” and the Party of Chaos that owns him, are actually responsible for the on-going take-down of our country. After a certain point — now apparently passed — sheer incompetence is no longer a plausible explanation for what you are seeing.
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    Westport is a curious place. The population is wealthy, highly educated, and 'progressive'. Last year's board of education election results made that abundantly clear, as any hope of reform to the wicked agenda of the 'equity' in DEI was soundly defeated.

    The train wreck in Westport education continues.

    Kids will not learn to think critically, or to excel on merit. Property values will eventually fall as a result. Access to Ivy League schools will be a forgotten dream.

    The 'blob force' is strong in Westport.

    One has to now answer the question - why?

    No critically-thinking individual can legitimately say the 'progressive' Biden agenda is good for their children, good for Westport, or good for the country.

    The likelihood of a terror incident prior to November is now in the 'certainty' column. The over ten million 'newcomers' will certainly bring new things to Westport -- terror, crime, and destruction of Westport's idyllic lifestyle - not if, but when. The push for high-density housing and the intentional destruction of their way of life by Team Westport is in full swing.

    It is only a matter of time before a thousand illegal alien migrants get off the train and start invading homes along Fairfield County's coast.

    Westport still has a shrine to Black Lives Matter in the town hall, despite BLM having supported the murder of thousands of Israelis.

    The economy is collapsing, as the nation's sovereign debt spins out of control, brought on by a complicit Federal Reserve coordinating with The White House, to finish the last act of a decade's long effort to destroy the U.S. Dollar and the peace it brought around the world.

    Forever wars are now a thing - courtesy of 'The OBiden Blob' in D.C. (Come on guys, we all know Biden is not in control...to borrow a phrase from the FDA when restricting the life-saving drug Ivermectin during the plandemic - "Stop it, ya'll).

    New York City, a short Metronorth ride away, is imploding in a sea of crime and economic armageddon as the drive to destroy Orange Man kills the golden financial goose. It seems businesses don't want to live in a jurisdiction where governments can put their political opposition in jail for 700 years and take billions in property for a non-crime.

    The Westport BOE agenda is obviously coordinated with other mad clown shows nationwide. The same exact thing is happening in Every. Damn. Town. in America.

    Coordinate much?

    Yet, Westport gleefully votes for this entire agenda, and supports it financially.

    This means the citizenry of Westport are openly supporting the revolution.

    Again, the question is -- why?

    Nothing makes sense...unless...you realize...

    Feminists don't care about women.

    Climate change alarmists don't care about the environment.

    BLM lovers don't care about black people.

    BOE Marxists don't care about Westport's education system.

    It's only and always about the revolution, and nothing but.

    But, what is it about Westport that makes people think and act this way?

    To ignore reality and push for destruction of your own environment, is essentially suicide.

    Unless, you plan to be in the elite ruling class that actually gets to enjoy the eventual communism, as the rest of the Russian serfs suffer. In other words, your lust for power is greater than your love for your fellow man.

    This type of destruction has been seen before in Mao's China, Lenin's Russia, and Castro's Cuba; you can think of many more.

    Yet, Westport supports it all anyway.

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    That which has been is that which will be,
    And that which has been done is that which will be done.
    So there is nothing new under the sun.
    Ecclesiastes 1:9

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    L Todd Wood

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