• Why Won't Greenwich Schools Adopt A Policy To Protect Vaccinated Athletes?

    July 23, 2022
    A letter Recently Sent To The Greenwich Board Of Education

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    It seems that not a day goes by without hearing about a young or middle-age athlete suddenly dying, such as the 35-year-old former Notre Dame football playerthe 45-year-old AFL player, and the 50-year-old former Pittsburgh Steeler, who all suddenly died this week.  While the press rarely mentions any connection to covid vaccines, the question obviously looms on the minds of critical thinkers.  Especially since so many of these events are heart-related, and the vaccine has a myocarditis warning on the label.  It is a well-known risk.

    That is why we continue to push for Greenwich to adopt a new policy in order to better protect vaccinated athletes from experiencing potential heart-related issues, especially during gym and school-sponsored athletic events.

    But why won’t the Superintendent, Head Nurse or Board of Education Members ever respond to our emails?  Why are they ignoring this very real risk?  What would the harm be in adding a protective policy for vaccinated athletes?  

    Especially since they have already added a warning for athletes who had covid and for “sudden cardiac arrest” on the website...

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    Dear Board of Education, Dr. Jones and Nurse Keller,

    The story about the two CT adolescents who died after receiving a second covid shot is starting to get more attention after the autopsy results revealed clear-cut findings of myocarditis.

    You have an obligation to the Greenwich community to help keep parents informed about the downside risk of covid vaccination, especially after you acted as cheerleaders in promoting only the upside potential of experimental covid vaccination.  I have been asking you to provide complete information about covid vaccination since March 19th, 2021, when I first wrote to you about the covid vaccine misinformation that was presented to parents on a call organized by the GHS PTA.

    Furthermore, this article underscores the need for special testing for vaccinated athletes before they participate in gym and/or athletics.  While I see that you’ve added an ominous post-covid warning for students who participate in athletics, you have been completely delinquent in warning parents about the dangers specific to vaccinated athletes, and you have yet to implement a policy designed to protect vaccinated athletes.  

    Why not?  What are you waiting for? 


    P.S.  I included the original email I wrote about covid vaccines with Dr. Jones.  An email that pointed out a serious issue that none of you ever addressed.  You just let the misinformation stand instead of doing the right thing and giving parents complete information about the vaccine, including the downside.  When I wrote that email, the data in VAERS revealed 1,349 deaths and 176,173 adverse effects.  Now deaths from covid vaccines are 22 times higher — 29,460 deaths — and adverse effects are 8 times higher, with 1,341,605 injuries.  How much more harm do you need to see before you make the connection to vaccination?

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