• Yale '23 Alum Doxxes New Haven, Yale Police Officers Who Arrested Protestors

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    A 2023 graduate of Yale, Thomas Birmingham, decided it was his job to dox all of the New Haven and Yale police officers who responded to the scene earlier today where hundreds of protestors were blocking roads around Yale University.

    The officers arrested 47 protestors.

    Former Connecticut State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney called out Birmingham for doxxing the officers, and wanted to know the purpose of his post.

    Birmingham, who includes "he/him" pronouns in his social media bio and believes housing is a "human right", defended doxxing the officers by stating his intention was simply, "to inform the public of who was involved in the arrests made on Yale’s campus today."

    Of course, Birmingham declined to name the students who were arrested thereby revealing his bias.

    Birmingham currently writes for In These Times Magazine which bills itself as "a publication committed to informing and advancing movements for social, economic, racial and environmental justice." His writing also appears in The Appeal and The New Haven Independent. Previously, he wrote for the Yale Daily News while he was a student.

    Several accounts flagged Birmingham's post to the State Police and the FBI for doxxing the officers, while a number of others expressed gratitude to the brave officers, and wished them luck.

    Screenshots, X.

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