• Your CT Superintendent Probably Belongs To CAPSS, An Organization That Pushes Equity And Anti Racism

    February 20, 2024
    Source: CAPSS

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    As part of Superintendent Toni Jones’ contract, the Greenwich Board of Education pays for membership to the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS), just like so many other districts (if not all districts) do in Connecticut.  

    The organization scheduled a conference for March 2024 featuring two keynote speakers who want to transform education through equity and anti racism, which as you know by now, is just another way of saying “critical race theory” (CRT).

    The keynote speech is about the "social justice imperative" and the seemingly never-ending "quest for equity”—literally the last thing Connecticut schools need when math and English test scores in the state are below 50%.Of course, CAPSS’ focus on equity is nothing new.

    We wrote about CAPSS and its key positions back in 2022.

    At the time, CAPSS published a statement (that has since been deleted from its website) about understanding critical race theory, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  The statement asserted that superintendents have had to contend with "complexities inherent in the pandemic” such as parent and community reactions to mandates, remote learning, and the diversity of opinions associated with race and equity, including CRT.  

    For some reason, CAPSS tied pushback to CRT to the pandemic…  likely since parents finally had a closer look at what’s really in the curriculum, thanks to remote learning, and started asking questions.

    According to CAPSS:

    CRT posits that historic patterns of racism, such as slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow, are ingrained in modern institutions such as law and education.  As such, CRT views racism as less a form of individual bigotry and more a system-wide problem. It is the racism endemic to institutions or systems, even when led by well-meaning individuals, which perpetuates racial hierarchies and leads to extreme inequities, such as Black students and other students of color having less access to educational opportunities in school districts than White students.

    CAPSS further alleged that, "no public school district in Connecticut uses Critical Race Theory as an academic framework for organizing curriculum or as a method for classroom teaching."

    Screenshot of top half of deleted CAPSS statement on CRT;
    Source: The Internet Wayback Machine

    We know that statement is false.

    CRT is absolutely being used in classrooms and it’s even embedded in a course that is required under Connecticut law, the African American / Puerto Rican / Latino studies course, which includes lessons on systemic racism and Black Lives Matters, for instance.  Don’t get us started on sociology.

    Not only that, but an article in Friday's NYTimes, “Ethnic Studies Collides With Israel-Hamas War,” confirmed, on the cover no less, that schools are indeed teaching the divisive, racist concepts of CRT and systemic racism.  

    Parents across the country have been ridiculed, silenced, shamed and even labeled domestic terrorists for the mere suggestion that schools were teaching CRT, even though they were right.

    But now that it’s on the front page of the NYTimes, maybe more people will care to get involved in the fight against this dangerous ideology.

    In the meantime, we did ask Superintendent Jones if she, or any other representatives from Greenwich Schools, planned on attending the CAPPS March conference.  

    Parents absolutely have a right to know if their school leaders are spending their time learning how to advance the "social justice imperative” and the “quest for equity” inside schools instead of spending their time learning how to advance students' math and English skills.

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