• A Call To Action - Rallying Against Egregious Bills In Connecticut

    April 6, 2024

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    In the annals of history, we find tales of brave individuals like Paul Revere and Sybil Ludington, who rode tirelessly to warn their communities of impending danger. Today, we face a different kind of threat – not from a foreign invasion, but from within our own legislative halls in Hartford, Connecticut.

    Just as Revere and Ludington used horseback to spread the alarm, we must utilize every available means of communication to alert our fellow citizens to the insidious bills being proposed in our state. The media may be silent, but we cannot afford to be. We must be the messengers, the modern-day riders, galloping through cyberspace and across social media platforms to sound the alarm. 

    Here are just a few of the proposed bills that demand our attention (you can follow these bills on Legiscan):

    1.        HB05485: Mandates for Electric Vehicles (EVs) - While promoting green initiatives is commendable, mandating electric vehicles without considering the practicalities and economic impact is concerning.

    2.        SB00193: State Trustee of Land, Water, and Air - This bill threatens our inalienable rights by placing the state above them, fundamentally altering our relationship with our environment.

    3.        SB00435: Gender Affirmative Implementation Bill - Under the guise of farmland protection, this bill raises questions about medical ethics and parental rights regarding gender-affirming care for minors.

    4.        HB05417: Public School Library Materials - This bill seeks to restrict access to certain materials without valid reasons, potentially limiting intellectual freedom in our educational institutions.

    5.        Senate Joint Bill No. 4: Redefining Gender in the Constitution - By equating gender with sex and granting children greater rights than parents in matters of gender identity, this bill undermines family values and parental authority.

    6.        HB 05242: While aiming to address housing disparities, this bill infringes upon property rights and fosters entitlement at the expense of landlords. 

    7.        HB 05448 Literally what is the purpose of the ballot box after early voting was approved? This bill would take away more 2nd amendment rights by making all ballot boxes gun free zones.  

    We cannot afford to remain silent spectators as these bills threaten our freedoms and values. Instead of relying solely on traditional media, let us harness the power of social media, email, and word of mouth to inform and mobilize our fellow citizens.Just as Revere and Ludington rode through the night to awaken their communities, let us use our digital steeds to gallop across the virtual landscape, spreading awareness and rallying support against these egregious bills. Our collective voice, amplified through modern technology, can ensure that the will of the people prevails over the agendas of a few. 

    Together, let us rise to the challenge and defend the principles upon which our society stands. The time to act is now, for the future of Connecticut depends on our vigilance and determination.

    Screenshot, CTBadBills.com

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