• A Cure For Our Predicament?

    Wilm E Donath

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    By Wilm E Donath

    It has become clear to many of us that there exists an entity which believes itself entitled to exert control over many government functions – irrespective of popular needs and desires. It exercises significant control through any and all means – blackmail, bribery, theft, control of the press, actual violence against property (using Directed Energy Weapons in Maoi, Texas, and California), unions, and infiltration of public institutions (this is only a partial list) – to exert control.

    A good analysis of this power is given by Whitney Webb “A Nation under Blackmail”.

    Dismantling of this entity (which we may call, following Whitney Webb, the Security State or - more picturesque - the Swamp) may occur when the federal government and/or both houses of Congress come under opposition control (opposition I mean people that are not controlled by the Swamp. If an election were held fairly, that would be an easy matter – but the Swamp is quite willing to rig elections. Therefore we may experience a Civil War whose violence and death will be close to the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) in Germany. We begin to get a tiny foretaste of that in the Swamp’s proxy war in Israel. The Swamp also controls our European allies – it sacrificed Ukraine (probably 500,000 men killed in that war), and Germany seems to be next (It already helped destroy the German economy). The government that we have today is a terrorist government!

    What led the US government to this stage? What errors in the Constitution allowed us to have a lawless government? I do not think that the framers of the constitution were aware of what monopolies could achieve.

    According to Richard D Wolff, an eminent Marxist economist the whole thing was, of course, President Roosevelt’s fault: he impoverished the elites with his sky-high income taxes – and now they want to get even. And they lack any sense of moderation. They have control of the media, the Democrat party, the CIA, significant influence in the Republican party, making war (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Sudan, and now Ukraine) is a way of making money, hey life is great!  Each time we have an evil ruler we have to take care! (yea – people like Johnson, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bush Senior and Bush Jr. are pure and clean as the fresh snow!) 

    But what about us?

    We do not have enough of a voice.

    We are lucky that the elites have not yet figured out how to control the internet – so we get alternate news from people like Colonel MacGregor, Lt Colonel Scott Ritter (demonized as “Putin-puppets”) juxtaposed against a bunch of Generals – who are highly paid for repeating the official absurdities. What is to be noticed here that information is the weapon of the present time – information moves armies, weapons, ships, industry and elections. And that it is essential to recreate the day when the media were contentious and fighting like hell to uncover scandals – the worse the better! How do we do that?

    Suppose we had an office of Public Reporter – where each state is allocate one to be elected by the people of each state. Their communications should be easily accessible by everyone in the country – and maybe the world. Their communications should be protected by our current press laws! Competition is assured – because there is 50 of them – all elected by different electorates. And that just might make a difference. Do we give these reporters any legal powers? That will be material for further discussion.

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