• About Taxes: The Lies They Taught Us In Connecticut Schools.

    March 9, 2024
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    If you attended a Connecticut school prior to the Millennium, you were taught that taxes were the obligation of a free people in order to defend freedom, educate children, and to keep peace and order in society. You were also taught that we, the people, had rule over government as we were able to vote people in and out of office and to determine how our money was spent. Although no system is perfect, the tax system we all understood worked remarkably well in funding the many interests of a vibrant and varied society.

    However, in recent years, the Connecticut power to tax its citizens has become a license to oppress the rights of Connecticut citizens and to dilute their power by taking away their substance. The new mantra from Connecticut Government is: Do as I say and do not question what I say, since you are a mere vassal. If you question my ruling powers, I will then try to limit everything you say and/or do by deeming it offensive or calling it disinformation or (pray-tell), racism, especially if you use social media and/or question my infallible judgment during a supposed pandemic.

    Sounds bizarre?

    Think again.

    This is now the reality of life in Connecticut.

    Connecticut's state government continues to act like a big bully you hated in school, always busy picking on someone and making them miserable. If you are a small business owner with no political ties, you have no voice or choice and may have lost everything you worked for during the pandemic and the daily dictates given by the Lamont regime to “keep you safe from harm.” If you dare to challenge or criticize an elected official or an unelected highly compensated bureaucrat publicly or on social media, be prepared to be punished, ridiculed, and/or silenced. If you have been robbed or have had a family member murdered, you need to understand that the criminal is the victim while you have been made to be the criminal in voicing your outrage against your injustice and the lawless act committed against you and your family. If you have had a family member die of an illegal drug overdose, there is nothing you can do about since your government endorses a fully open border with the free flow of illegals and illegal drugs to come into our country and state to help murder more Americans daily while an entirely out-of-control state blathers drivel and continually promises to “do something” as “it cares about the people”.

    So, let us return to the textbook definition: Taxes are defined as "a mandatory payment or charge collected by local, state, and national governments from individuals or businesses to cover the costs of general government services, goods, and activities." (taxfoundation.org).

    Do the costs of general government include eliminating dissenting opinions? Do the costs of general government include eliminating freedom of speech and constitutional rights? Do the costs of general government include eliminating political opposition and interfering with elections as we are currently seeing with President Trump? Do the costs of general government include supporting the information machine of the elect at taxpayer expense? Do the costs of general government include eliminating the rule of law and order? Do the costs of general government include eliminating medical and personal freedoms as we saw with the reported pandemic? Do the costs of general government include the complete eradication of ethics in government through a never-ending profit chain for King Ned Lamont The Unaccountable’s family hedge funds during the entire time he has been in office? Do the costs of general government include eliminating any form of transparency in government and the continual funding of a perpetually-inept ethics office causing this behavior to continue endlessly? Do the costs of general government include the elimination of a free market economic system in favor of a bribe-type of economy favoring an elect few using the hoax of “economic development dollars”? Do the costs of general government include the free flow of illegal drugs into our country? Do the costs of general government include eliminating a legal border and to allow criminals and terrorists in with no questions asked? Do the costs of general government include the public safety disaster that is now either a Connecticut city or interstate highway? Since the state and our country are such an economic and social nightmare, why are our taxes being collected and used in this manner of rack and ruin?

    Many also believe our state and country are at a breaking point. The regime-like atmosphere in Hartford and Washington has bred a massive decline in our society. A ridiculous and abusive State of the Union address made by a pathetic and corrupted Democrat President Biden only reinforces his hatred of any and all expressing opposition to the Democrat Party New World Order of deception and totalitarian rule. Connecticut's elected demigods, ruling with an iron fist, have helped nurture the decline in the state for many years with the net result of a state saddled with $125 to $150 Billion dollars in short- and long-term debt along with unfunded liabilities. I t is also comical to note that there is no plan whatsoever to pay down this debt, ever, and no elected official of any party ever raises this highly cautionary point. American and Connecticut Taxpayers are sick of runaway inflation, runaway crime, and runaway taxes to support this debris and waste being served to us a supposed elected government.

    There needs to be a real change in both our elected officials and our government. Enough of this horrific path to economic and social destruction. Our taxes need to start going to a real democracy again to serve the citizenry, and not a socialist, oppressive, failed system of ruthless control of the masses while benefiting the politically collected reign of the chosen and the few. We, The People of our great state and country are no longer being represented, the time for a change is today. For failure to make these most critical changes would result in the destruction of the State of Connecticut and the United States of America.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    Paul A

    We shall overcome.

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