• Open Letter To Dan Quigley

    March 9, 2024

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    Dear Dan,

    I don't know you, but you decided to publicly comment on our paper, The Connecticut Centinal, in a negative way, so I thought I'd respond in kind, in a public way.

    First of all, we completely stand by our reporting, and our opinions.

    We were secretly reported to the police for our opinions in Greenwich. That is not okay, Dan.

    That is tyranny, and yes, the actions of setting up this 'task force' is exactly that, and very reminiscent of the eras in your tweet.

    You should know my stepdaughter is an Israeli citizen. We run a website Tsionizm.com which celebrates The Jewish State, and most importantly, the Israeli people. I was just there reporting live on the war, and have done so a dozen times over the last decade. I have many dear friends and supporters who are Jewish, all over the world. They will be happy to vouch for us.

    I have two bi-racial children.

    My father marched in the civil rights demonstrations in the 60s in Mississippi, and received death threats for doing so.

    I don't hate anyone Dan. It's not in my blood.

    But I do hate certain behaviors - like the tyrannical lust for power and control, which killed over 200 million people in the 20th century alone.

    I hate behavior which is antithetical to freedom, which setting up a 'task force' to inform on other citizens certainly is.

    I'm happy to do a video interview with you Dan, live on The Connecticut Centinal, and we will provide the feed to other Greenwich media outlets for free. We will be very civil, and I think it would be fascinating for the citizens of Greenwich.

    By the way, the reason many of our writers in Greenwich don't use their name on their byline, is because of this exact type of targeting and police-state action the 'task force' represents.

    I'm sending an email today Dan, with the offer.

    Will you accept?

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine) the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDMedia and editor-in-chief of Tsarizm.com. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.

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    Here's Why

    Reporting on neighbors is baked in to German culture to this day.


    REUTERS: Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules, in echo of the Stasi past


    RINO Hunter

    Quiggles is so desperate to remain relevant after he proved he's a traitor by helping democrats in recent elections. But he's too scared to ever accept an offer for an interview.

    Bob MacGuffie

    Absolutely! Well-put, Todd. This entire surveillance/control/intimidation operation driven by the organized American Left thru media, academia and the Democrat Party needs to be opposed in every legal way possible. Our nation's founders gave us the tools to do so - let's get on with our roll-back and victory over this creeping, insidious tyranny.

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