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    Venture Capitalism

    Governor Ned Lamont and wife, Anne Lamont.

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    We live in a time where digital conveniences have put us at a fork in the road. Will digital technology be turned into a weapon against common people? The unsuspecting person that enjoys paying with their debt card or phone may be in for a surprise. It’s easy to transfer cash to people via apps, it’s so hip and futuristic. Never mind the fees attached to those transfers. Throw privacy out the window. Every dollar transferred via cash apps is a dollar that is tracked, traced, and collected. I know, you have nothing to hide. Technology is the future. The phone already spies on you.

    Here’s the problem. It’s not all about you personally, it’s about access, control, and ultimately financial dominance. For example, venture capitalists are the rising stars in the race towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Most people have probably never heard of venture capitalism. This must change. Venture capitalism should be known by all people so they can discern how these investment companies drive our laws and shape policy. Venture capitalism is the greatest threat to liberty and freedom that we face today. With the protection of government and public, private, partnerships, this industry is infected with corruption.

    Let’s follow the money. Venture capitalists are private equity companies that use third-party resources to fund promising start ups. The third parties are part of what they call a fund.  All funds have LPs which stands for “limited partners”, LPs do not make decisions on how their capital is invested. The General Partner manages the assets and investments. Success is driven by who you know and reputation. There are rules for each fund with voting power for some members. Members in a fund do not have to be disclosed to anyone. Foreign investment capital companies can and do invest in American firms. Wealthy individuals love the perks and high returns of venture capitalism. It affords them secrecy and a means to cash in on the fast paced world of tech. At the speed of technology 100s of new startups are funded daily. The green rush thanks to “Climate Change” is a gold rush for investors and venture capitalists.

    Source: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Welcome to Sustainable Development Goals adopted by member countries of the United Nations in 2015 in lockstep with Agenda 2030. Under agenda 2030 the future is biometric security, digital identity attached to a digital currency, and social credit to be controlled by local governments that are ultimately under the governance of the United Nations, which is really a regime of countries run by public, private, partnerships. Unelected business interests with money and power. On a local scale we can see this play out in the small State of Connecticut where the governor’s wife is one of the most successful venture capitalists in the world. Forbes Magazine said she had the Midas touch.

    Independent journalist George Coli recently broke a story concerning the governor’s wife Annie Lamont, and her relationship with Sanabil. Sanabil is a venture capital investment firm from Saudi Arabia. They recently posted their investments publicly in April of 2023. Four companies connected with Connecticut with direct ties to the government have come up. Oak HC/FT, General Atlantic, a venture capital firm that Senator Duff’s wife Tracy, is VP of accounting. Bird, a tech company specializing in E-bikes and scooters, with contracts for bikes and scooters in both Fairfield and Middletown, and Blackstone one of the largest real-estate investment companies in the country. Bird collects users data to operate its electronic bikes and scooters. Bird also launched a program to get people to the polls. Do the Saudis have access to that data?

    Oak HC/FT is of particular concern. It is not clear how much money Sanabil has invested in Oak HC/FT, that number is exempted form the public view. Oak HC/FT is conveniently registered as an LLC in the Cayman Islands. The First Lady, Annie Huntress Lamont, partner at Oak Investment Partners, and the founder of Oak HC/FT does not have to disclose her investors. The HC/FT stands for healthcare and fintech, which are the companies specialties. Mrs. Lamont boasts that healthcare is a trillion dollar industry bursting with profits. She sold this line to the Pennsylvania teachers pension fund. Healthcare and fintech are big business. Oak HC/FT has $5.3 billion dollars in assets management.

    Some readers will remember Sema4 and the controversy with Annie’s firm. The State of Connecticut paid Sema4 $23 million dollars for a no bid contract to test people for COVID. Many readers will also remember that testing was required by the Lamont Administration. Somehow Lamont managed to escape any ethics concerns over this very suspicious and illegal activity. Governor Lamont made $54 million dollars while in office as governor. It is unclear how much Annie has made, she is a master at hiding the money.

    Source: SEC

    “What we’re seeing is a ‘rich get richer’ phenomenon where successful, high momentum technology companies are vacuuming up most of the financing,” CB Insights chief executive Anand Sanwal told Reuters by email.” Reuters

    Interestingly, the Saudis have their own Agenda 2030 and they support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in their own way. For the Saudis, women have no rights, they are under the ward of the men in their lives. Homosexuality is outright illegal and transgenderism is not tolerated at all. Mrs. Lamont doesn’t seem to mind taking money from the Saudis though. The Saudi human rights record matters not to her. It does not matter about the Saudis involvement with 9/11 and the devastating loss of lives directly experienced by families in Connecticut. It does not matter that the Saudis are also anti free speech and brutally murdered journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, for criticizing the Saudi regime.

    Money talks in a world of identity politics and virtue. Especially if most people don’t know that you’re taking the Saudi money. How much did Sanabil invest in Oak HC/FT? What kind of fintech is being used today in our state that is funded by Annie and her nefarious investors? What start ups will this money be used for? What access will the Saudis have to Connecticut citizens? How is it possible the governor did not know that Annie was taking money from the Saudis? Lamont has bragged about how he will bring Connecticut into the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is based on the Sustainable Development Goals crafted by unelected people who stand to profit from the power of digital technology, the money that funds it, and the power it yields to control populations.

    One last note on venture capitalists. These investment firms essentially drive the businesses that will succeed or fail. The General Manager of a fund has more power than the entrepreneur of the start up. Their investment dollars control innovation and technology to the benefit of their own interests and profits.

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    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry

    Jennifer Sparks aka J.Cherry is an independent journalist, radio host, and producer. On the airways she was known as J.Cherry where she produced a popular local radio show, VOICE of the CITY, airing on WESU 88.1FM. There she conducted in depth and candid interviews with artists, politicians, authors, activists, scientists, and community leaders. In 2020 Jennifer left WESU to pursue an independent podcast where she could freely talk about controversial subjects. A mother and wife before being a journalist, she felt compelled to break free and dig into medical freedom, government policy, parental rights, public health, corruption, and big pharma. Over the years Jennifer has been published in local newspapers as a freelance writer. Frustrated with being censored and not being able to publish the stories she felt were important and under reported, she began her own blog. Her work can be found at jcherrrypresents.com and on Substack https://jcherry152.substack.com/.

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