• Jim Himes Is Now The Center-Pawn For House Democrat Messaging

    August 2, 2023
    U.S. Representative Jim Himes

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    Now that Adam Schiff has been back-benched by House Democrat leadership as ‘damaged goods,’ his replacement as messaging mouthpiece has emerged. Schiff, totally exposed as a bold-faced liar at House microphones for years, was ousted from the House Intelligence Committee by Speaker McCarthy. And who has been pushed forward to take his role – none other than CT-4 Congressman, Jim Himes.

    So, it seems as one pawn has been captured for relentless lying, he is now considered sacrificed by the Democrats - the Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries advances forward the next pawn in the line - one Jim Himes! Himes has taken Schiff’s spot as ‘ranking member’ on the House Intelligence committee. In that role he has to go to the mikes espousing and defending the entirety of the Biden Administration’s foreign policy and its myriad faux-pas, blunders, and ill-advised foreign adventures.  

    But, with Schiff gone, House Democrat leadership needs another all-purpose water-carrier, ah-em, ‘messenger,’ and Jim Himes, has been advanced into the breach. After a rather widely circulated Friday Video wherein Himes spends ninety percent of his time speciously defending Joe Biden and bashing Republicans, Himes mouths a side-note to reality by saying that Hunter should be held accountable ‘IF’ he’s broken the law. Naturally, mainstream print media, leads with headlines of Mr. Himes’ call for “accountability” for Hunter’s tax evasion only, and in TV video they clip off ten percent of it to show Himes’ call for Hunter’s prosecution for what he’s already admitted, and Himes’ indignant phrase that “no Republican has ever called out Trump”. Is Himes really unaware of Chris Christie and the never Trump crowd’s verbal salvos unleashed on Trump over many years? 

    This episode is a textbook case of corporate media flying cover for a notable Dem official’s very cumbersome public defense of Joe Biden, while headlining the official’s statement that the sky is blue (Hunter had already gone into court to plea guilty to tax evasion). Himes was sent out to defend Joe Biden, which he did full-throated with alternating bashing of Republicans as “fever dream” “conspiracy theory” peddlers.  He repeated these phrases along with “zero, zero, zero evidence” endlessly throughout the interview. Then, in an attempt to inoculate himself, he says that Hunter should be prosecuted, and “if, if, if,” evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption surfaces, he too should be “held accountable.” He then quickly reverts, and closes out the interview bashing Trump and Republicans, ridiculing McCarthy, and throwing in a couple closing “fever dreams” just for good measure. But both mainstream and ‘conservative’ TV media ran with the inoculation quote trying to advance the ludicrous meme that there remains a heartbeat of fairness among the Democrats.

    Evidently, Mr. Himes thinks we, his constituents, are stupid, and will swallow his line rather than believe our “lying eyes.” Does he really think we don’t know “evidence” when we see it. IRS whistleblower, Joseph Ziegler testified to the House under oath to Hunter’s tax evasion and the Justice Dept’s efforts to prevent him from documenting the financial trail to the balance of the Biden family. Meetings documented by a ‘confidential human source’ in Ukraine were documented in this finally unclassified doc: CHS Reporting Document. Additional “evidence” is here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

    So, here we have Jim Himes, who stood gulping nervously behind Adam Schiff as he lied through his teeth at countless DC pressers over six years. To this day, Himes remains one of the most nervous-looking congressional interviewees we regularly see on the tube.  And he should be, for he well-knows the massive fraud he’s attempting to hide with his slick verbal gymnastics. Himes’ recent behavior informs a look behind the scenes to perceive the new House Democrat leadership dynamic at play, now that Nancy Pelosi is no longer leading the Dems as a House majority.

    House Democrats are now led by Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, of Brooklyn, NY. Jeffries stepped into this minority leadership role in January and needed to select new lieutenants in the wake of the failed human wreckage of the defeated Pelosi regime. Schiff and Swalwell are utterly damaged back-benchers, Hoyer and Clyburn are credibility-challenged, worn-out back-benchers, and Maloney was unseated. Hakeem Jeffries filled the formal leadership spots in January, and in Pelosi's wake he’s had to field a new team of messengers, specifically selected to deceptively spin Democrat talking points of the day. 

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    These slick-talking messengers are the new Pawns to be advanced into the most partisan battles on Capitol Hill. Pelosi considered Himes a ‘fair-haired boy’ and usually spared him from the most challenging and self-exposing Democrat messaging challenges. Evidently, Hakeem Jeffries has decided it’s time for Himes to get dirty, and has called him into action. Himes’ face when interviewed these days evidences that Jeffries’ bayonet is placed firmly in his back.  Like it or not, Jim Himes has been yoked by his leadership, and is now a Pawn being advanced into the battle for defense on the political chessboard. Not the look he’d prefer to be reflected back to CT-4, but indeed, a most accurate one.

    There will plenty more skirmishes requiring Mr. Himes to stand in front of the microphones and lie through his teeth to the American public.  And my campaign will be sure to hold HIM accountable on every one!

    But first up - Mr. Himes vowed in Friday’s interview, “IF Joe Biden has committed the kind of offenses Republicans allege, I will also be in front of the cameras saying the President should be held accountable.”  

    • We’ll be right here to assure he makes good on that pledge!... and in light of 170+ financial ‘Suspicious Activity Reports,’ currently filed on the Bidens, we may not have very long to wait.

    Jim Himes is NO Moderate

    And he proves it every week!



    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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