• Catholic Medical Association Releases Paper on Gender Ideology, How It Harms Children 

    September 19, 2023
    Source: CMA Website

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    The Catholic Medical Association just released an eye-opening position paper, The Ideology of Gender Harms Children, at its 92nd Annual Educational Conference in Phoenix Arizona.

    “Reviewing the evidence for purported treatments for gender dysphoria over the past year, we found the American medical establishment speaking from a place of eminence-based medicine rather than evidence-based medicine,” said CMA President Dr. Craig Treptow. “The ideology of gender is causing significant harm to children and adolescents. We speak up again now to prevent further harm to those children..."

    The so called “treatment” for gender dysphoria includes affirming a child’s confusion, blocking puberty with drugs used for chemically castrating sex offenders, administering cross-sex hormones for life, and mutilating children with surgeries that remove healthy genitalia. 

    It's important to note that a number of countries, including Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, France and Denmark, have halted the use of puberty blocking drugs in children with gender dysphoria.

    CMA believes the attempt to "address surgically and with hormones what should be treated psychiatrically with counseling is not authentic health care".

    Additionally, the CMA rejects the notion gender dysphoric children will commit suicide if their new identity isn't immediately affirmed. This assertion is not support by science. 

    Read the full position paper here.

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