• Connecticut Republican Assembly Issues Call To Action In Wake Of Bridgeport Election Tampering Scandal

    September 21, 2023

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    I am appalled at the video showing materials, apparently absentee ballots, being stuffed into a ballot box outside the Bridgeport City Government building during the September 2023 Primary election.

    Appalled, yet not surprised.

    I have served as the President of the Connecticut Republican Assembly (CTRA) for the last three years. Before and during my time leading CTRA, I have seen the Republican party highlight election integrity issues in Connecticut. Again and again. And now yet again.

    Those issues have been largely ignored by the Democrat party.

    But now Democrats are accusing other Democrats of election interference and ballot fraud. This apparent voter fraud issue needs to be added to the Agenda for the summer CGA Special Session.

    This, as well as early voting which apparently usurps the Constitution, should be nullified.

    These issues must be corrected immediately to ensure readiness for the November election.

    That is why CTRA has issued a call to action.

    CTRA is asking all members and concerned citizens to contact their State Senator and Representative, along with members of the Government Accountability and Elections Committee, including State Senator Rob Sampson, who is the Minority Ranking member, along with State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco.

    Please make sure you include a link to the ballot box stuffing video (or this article), and demand a return to pre-Covid COVID election laws in your note.

    Thank you.

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    Anne Manusky

    Anne Manusky, M.Ed., a 23-year Easton resident, wife and mother, is also the President of the CT Republican Assembly Chapter of NFRA and also CT Parents Involved in Education (CTPIE is a chapter of USPIE). She ran in Easton for Board of Education in 2015 and for Selectman in 2018. She has written extensively to advocate for children's issues, especially against the current ideological trends of pressuring academics, sex transition and psychological manipulation of children.

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    I’m sorry, but is there a reason so many of these people caught stuffing illegal ballots are black? I’m sure that will be called a racist question and that there is some “social boo hoo” explanation why a people group of less than 15% of the population make up 80% of the ballot cheating. I just don’t know what it is.


    Election fraud is happening all across America and the media is acting like it is no big deal It needs to stop now!.

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