• CT Association Of Boards Of Education, CABE, Promotes Radical Ideas to School Boards

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    The Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) is in the midst of its Summer Leadership Conference, which featured a special video message from Commissioner Charlene Russell-Tucker, thanking them for the valuable work they do.

    CABE's mission is to "assist local and regional boards of education in providing high quality public education for all Connecticut children through effective leadership." The organization represents over half of all elected officials in the State of Connecticut, which constitutes approximately 90% of boards of education. It assists members by providing advocacy, board development, legal advice, policy development, publications, labor relations, personnel searches, and insurance.

    While some of the services and resources CABE offers to members are non-controversial, such as the Board of Education Appreciation Toolkit and CABE Awards, others are highly controversial and clearly part of the progressive agenda that has infiltrated American schools.

    In addition to the "equity toolkit" that was likely discussed at the DEI Committee Meeting that took place yesterday, CABE offers a list of radical, progressive resources for boards of education. These include things like guidance on becoming "pronoun-savvy" for trans students.

    It includes resources to help boards of education develop policies that promote trans inclusion in athletics for various levels of play in K-12 schools from TransAthlete.com. This organization believes that a majority of policies around the participation of transgender athletes unfairly targets biological boys who now identify as "trans women and girls". It further alleges that trans women and girls are the targets of violence and harassment, and that Black and Brown transgender women and girls are subjected to extra harassment and scrutiny. 

    If you are paying close attention, you will immediately recognize the "intersectionality" here -- this is the language of critical race theorists.

    CABE also links to GLSEN, the controversial group that has been accused of grooming children with radical gender ideology. It is the same group that believes educators should take on the new responsibility of serving as the "pronoun police" to ensure that educators and students are not misgendered in school.

    It links to the left-wing Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for lesson plans for high school teachers to teach about transgenderism. The same ADL that was just exposed in an undercover investigation for attempting to influence social media companies on censoring and banning information that ADL doesn't want you to see. The same ADL that recently added the phrase “it’s okay to be white” as a symbol of hate to its database. The same ADL that said Harvard's anti-Jewish quotas were wrong, but racist affirmative action policies were good.

    CABE offers on-demand webinars on a number of topics, too, including things like "how to navigate book bans" with Dr. Paul Freeman, Superintendent of Guilford—a district which as seen considerable controversy over promotion of a clearly left-wing agenda in the district. Of course, the fact that CABE calls them "book bans" already tells you what side they have taken because reasonable people recognize the issue with books is about age-appropriateness. Anyone using the term "book ban" is doing so in order to gaslight people who care about protecting the morality of children.

    And let's not forget that CABE was happy to act as a shill for Big Pharma, downplaying the negative risks associated with covid shots, suggesting that "side effects are gone within 24 hours" and even saying that if you are vaccinated, "you won't die." But apparently they forgot to mention you might die suddenly from the covid shot itself! They also peddled the lie that "masks are 100% effective" at stopping covid.

    There do not appear to be any alternatives to CABE in Connecticut. It's the only game in town.

    But just because it's the only game in town, doesn't mean that your board of education needs to belong to this left-wing organization, or employ its radical ideas.

    Ten percent of Connecticut boards of education do not belong to CABE.

    Maybe it's time for your BOE to abandon CABE and its political agenda?

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