• CT Drag Queen Story Hour Cancelled Over Perceived Threat From Social Media Posts—But Have You Seen Any Of The Drag Queen's Social Media Posts?

    February 3, 2024
    Photo Credit: Enfield Public Library.

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    Enfield is no stranger to controversy these days.

    There was the “Pizza and Consent” assignment from two years ago where students compared ordering a pizza to receiving consent for sex, using pizza toppings as metaphors for sex.

    Then the Enfield public school district was highlighted in a report by Parents Defending Education for having a policy to explicitly hide student gender from parents.

    More recently, the town's new flag policy (which effectively banned pride flags by declaring that only the flags of the United States, the state of Connecticut, MIA/POW and U.S. military services could be displayed on town buildings and flagpoles) drew a vocal crowd of protestors.

    The latest controversy is the cancellation of Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) for children, an event that had been scheduled to take place at the Enfield Public Library in April.

    The organizers, Enfield Pride, expressed concern over an "insinuation of violence".

    “I pulled the plug on this before it was time to go to the police,” Enfield Pride president and United Church of Christ Reverend Dr. Greg Gray told the Hartford Courant, which positioned DQSH as essentially "a celebration of diversity".

    “These events tell kids that they can be whatever they want to be,” said Dr. Gray who contends the event would have been "very family friendly."

    Dr. Gray clarified that, “at no point did anyone say they have a gun and are coming to do harm. But the comments were somewhat disturbing. There were comments that said things like ‘I will be there’ and you look at the person’s profile photo and they’re holding a gun. I felt intimidated enough to call it off.”

    The social media comments were disturbing, were they?

    But what about the often sexually-charged social media comments made by the drag queen who was meant to read to young children in the library, a drag queen named Felicity V. Lay? Has Felicity's social media account been reviewed to look for disturbing comments, too?

    Like comments about being stoned, fisting, porn stars or "showing hole"?

    Screenshots, X

    Or what about the blasphemous comments? What did Reverend Gray, who is the president and reverend for United Church of Christ, think about Felicity V. Lay reposting the rather infamous Satan account on X for suggesting performing a sex act on God? Did Dr. Gray think that post was disturbing?

    Screenshot, X

    Dr. Gray positions the cancellation of DQSH to be over social media posts that insinuated violence against Felicity. But to be fair, then, shouldn't he also consider what the social media posts made by Felicity V. Lay might insinuate?

    For instance what might be insinuated by tweeting about porn stars, performing sex acts and randomly hooking up for sex in bars?

    Does Dr. Gray realize that sexually-charged posts might feel threatening to community members keen on protecting the innocence of young children? Perhaps even just as threatening as profile pictures with guns feel to him?

    Screenshot, X

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    These people are an abomation to God.absolutly evil. Pray for them.

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