• The Fallout Continues From The Veritas Bombshell About Greenwich Public Schools

    September 2, 2022
    The Fallout Continues From The Veritas Bombshell About Greenwich Public Schools

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    The fallout continues after the bombshell Project Veritas story about Greenwich, the subsequent press conference, and now the second shocking release about NYC schools.

    Project Veritas is on FIRE in uncovering what everyone suspected was going on inside public education.  

    But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Greenwich Public Schools has been violating it’s own policies for a long time, as well as violating Connecticut education law with respect to the approval of curricular materials. They have been allowing inappropriate materials to be “gifted” to the libraries.  They have illegally piloted the RULER obedience training curriculum without BOE approval.  And, yes, they do promote the tenets of critical race theory, despite claims to the contrary.

    The Superintendent and a Board member have been previously caught spying on Greenwich Patriots meetings, and tracking the movements of at least one member.  

    The Superintendent stopped parents from meeting in school parking lots on weekends without advance approval and specific permission from the school, even though other groups are allowed to freely assemble in school parking lots without such approval.

    They even called the police on parents when we met at Eastern Middle School to pass out lawn signs one day last fall… which isn’t illegal and was a disgraceful waste of taxpayer dollars to send police on such a pointless call. 

    Why would the Superintendent and at least one Board member feel it necessary to harass parents like this, instead of responding to our complaints?  What else do they have to hide? Does this kind of behavior imply that the anti-conservative, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian and ageist attitudes and views expressed by the Cos Cob Assistant Principal are also shared by the district leadership?  Isn’t corporate culture set from the top?  

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    Our minds are swimming with questions as this story continues to unravel.

    P.S.  That special Board of Education meeting today to discuss “privileged attorney-client communication regarding the role of the Board of Education in employee termination proceedings” is essentially a closed meeting since it's considered privileged, so members of the public cannot participate.


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