• Facts Don't Matter When You Have A Narrative To Push

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    The Greenwich Free Press published a pretty wild op ed last week from a former two-term Greenwich BET member by the name of Sean Goldrick.

    The op ed was positioned as a series of unhinged questions for Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo.

    One question revealed that Mr. Goldrick, a democrat, seems to think that trans minors should not be denied gender-affirming care.

    This sentiment set off massive alarm bells, especially considering the transgender tide is turning.  

    More and more research is coming out that shows the majority of gender-confused children grow out of their dysphoria by adulthood. Findings revealed that approximately 11% of study participants experienced gender dysphoria, which decreased to ~4% by age 26. Only 0.1% of participants reported dysphoria throughout adolescence and adulthood, which suggests that a rush to introduce puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormone, and or surgical procedures (i.e., “gender-affirming care) is entirely premature.

    The authors of the study also noted research that shows children who socially transition are likely to experience persistent gender dysphoria, alongside studies that showed 61-98% of gender dysphoric children who do not transition do not retain those feelings into adulthood.

    The consequences of gender-affirming care are ignored by Mr. Goldrick, who seems opposed to legislation "denying trans minors from receiving gender-affirming medical care.”

    To be clear, the gruesome horrors of "gender-affirming care” have been recently exposed by a whistleblower who revealed a tranche of files, videos and messages from the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH). The organization publishes the “SOC8” Standards of Care which guide the decisions of trans medical “professionals”.

    The files reveal members do not consider long-term patient outcomes, despite being aware of “debilitating and potentially fatal side effects” of gender-affirming care.

    Worse, the files "provide clear evidence that doctors and therapists are aware they are offering minors life-changing treatments they cannot fully understand. WPATH members know that puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries will cause infertility and other complications, including cancer and pelvic floor dysfunction. Yet they consider life-altering medical interventions for young patients, including vaginoplasty for a 14-year-old and hormones for a developmentally delayed 13-year-old.”

    WPATH members know full well that "gender-affirming care" can lead to life-long complications, including sterility, the loss of sexual function, and inability to experience orgasm. Research further shows that suicide rates double after gender-reassignment surgery.

    This is the “gender-affirming care” that Mr. Goldrick casually mentions to score political points.

    Mr. Goldrick continues in this op ed to push other progressive narrative favorites, like book bans and abortions.

    He even brings up the false notion that the word “globalist” is anti-semitic even though Oxford defines the word as "​the belief that economic and foreign policy should be planned on a global basis, rather than serving the interests of individual countries.”

    There’s nothing anti-semitic in that definition, yet Mr. Goldrick pushes his misinformation a step further by suggesting that a “doctored photo” (aka a “meme”) included in a CT Centinal article made globalist Scott Kalb appear to be a “priest in a cult”.

    Except that’s not remotely true, so we submitted a fact check to the Free Press that indicated the source of the meme — a photo of Klaus Schwab at a Kaunas University of Technology graduation ceremony.

    Schwab, who is the head of the globalist World Economic Forum where Mr. Kalb spent 11 years in a senior role, was being awarded an honorary doctorate to recognize his efforts in promoting globalism. He wore the university’s traditional graduation robe, just like the other professors on stage.

    Not exactly a "priest in a cult" but facts don't matter when you have a narrative to push, it seems.

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    No Remorse

    Excellent, concise and accurate. Thank you, CT Centinal, for being the lonely voice of reason in a cacophony of disinformation. I use “dis” rather than “mis” because the falsehoods are deliberate, with the goal of affecting permanent, destructive global transformation. If Goldrick is not an agent of that change, then he’s a tool of it.

    Greenwich Pats Suck

    'Given an award to recognize his efforts in promoting globalism'- yeah, no, that's not what the award was for.

    Blue wave coming to wipe out all your Transphobes!

    Catholic in Connecticut

    The Vatican has declared that gender-affirming surgeries and surrogacy are grave violations of human dignity.

    The Vatican repeated its rejection of “gender theory,” or the idea that one’s biological sex can change. It said God created man and woman as biologically different, separate beings and said people must not tinker with that or try

    Greenwich Pats Suck

    Wow!! The VATICAN SAID IT?!?! Well that does it for me!

    They know a ton about protecting children....to the tune of 5 BILLION paid to sexual abuse victims of the Catholic Church.....

    Bob S.

    There is absolutely nothing transphobic about protecting children from an evil industry that wants to take advantage of them.

    If fully grown adults want to chop off their body parts, so be it.

    Keep the kids out of it!

    Greenwich Pats Suck

    I hope you never have a trans child, Bobby. Trust me, they'll hate you wayyyy before they're an adult.

    Bob S.

    At least my children won't have their genitals butchered off by some quack and live a lifetime on hormones and shit!

    Have you ever heard a detransitioner story?

    Protect the kids at all costs!

    Greenwich Pats Suck

    If it makes you happy
    It can't be that bad
    If it makes you happy
    Then why the hell are you so sad?

    Globalism Sucks

    Doesn't Klaus Schwab want a One World Religion, too?

    Wouldn't that make him a "priest in a cult"?


    greenwich patriots more like grenwich TERRORISTS go get a real job!1!!!!!


    greenwich patriots sounds more like INFORMATION TERRORISTS who are adept at using facts as weapons

    Paul A

    You my friend need to look n the mirror. I don’t think it’s the children that have the mental health issues.

    Crazy pants

    So right, Paul. The absolute hypocrisy of writing about narrative pushing when all the Patriots do it make up their own “facts” to push their destructive and dumb narratives.


    if their narratives are so destructive and dumb, then why do you care about them so much? why not just ignore them?

    the truth is probably that more people realize the Gr patriots do their homework and have been right and that threatens the carefully constructed bubble you live in.

    r j

    Greenwich Patriots seems to live rent-free in your head.


    stop wearing crazy pants it will give you trans 5g china virus poisoning!!!!!!!!! i read about it on the connecticut centinal so it must be true!!!!


    Redblood definitely has some mental health issues


    i was exposed to 5g as a youngin and the same will happen to you!!!!


    it mustve been all the 5g!!!!! the 5g 6g is poisoning you wake up paul arvoy sheepie!!11


    Paul arvoy supports trans!!!!!!

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