• Good Folks In The Connecticut Political Middle, Be BRAVE And STAND UP

    March 28, 2024
    Jeff Cleghorn.

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    As a civil rights attorney, former Board member of LAMBDA Legal, Human Rights Commission Award Recipient, CNN and MSNBC commentator and a gay man, I’m writing to encourage the good folks in the Connecticut political middle, who have concerns about the gender indoctrination and transitioning of children, to to wake up and speak out.  You see, there is a new “conversion therapy” happening to gay children. One where instead of being encouraged to become “straight” they are encouraged to become the opposite sex. 

    I’m encouraging you to not be afraid of admonition, but to be brave and stand up against the severe damage happening to your gay and straight children right now.   Wake up— you are facilitating the problem. 

    I see it all the time, gender transition sold to parents and kids as a “one-stop problem solver” for what are really underlying mental health problems, transcendent teenage angst or plain-ole homosexuality.  I’m relieved that old New Wavers, big-haired rock and rollers, and the range of awkward teenagers like me, were not around today to be sold this bag of fake transgender goods. What the vast majority of us needed and got, was time to “grow out of it” and accept our bodies, and for many, that will mean adapting to and accepting their homosexuality.  

    I am thinking of my friend “Robert” for whom I write.  Robert is a Gen-X, muscled-out gym rat who, with his shaved head, grew up as a gay teen in central Connecticut in the 70s and 80s.  

    He’s old-school, he lived through the trauma of traumatic teenage years that the “profitable trans industry” pretends to address. He, with others, now advocate taking these gender non-confirming teenagers not to the clinic, but to the gym. A gym or similar outlet where they’ll be accepted, and so they can tune into their bodies and learn to really like their bodies, the ones they were born with. He tells these kids that it’s the “greatest feeling” and he is right. 

    Robert, I and other gay adults are convinced that today’s trans-promoting k-12 education system along with the for-profit medical and psychological industry would have condemned us and our other gender non-conforming teenage friends into a lifetime of hormone treatments, surgical procedures, medical-induced infertility, sexual dissatisfaction, no insurance coverage for detransition and worse.  Today’s children need what Robert and I received . . . an outlet for acceptance and adult mentors who guided children into their real selves, not hustled them into believing they are another sex.  I hear this from older gays and lesbians across the U.S. and internationally. 

    At the very least, parents should be informed. Right now Connecticut schools are adopting, with no state mandate, policies to foster and HIDE social gender transitions from parents.  Children are encouraged to adopt names and clothing of the opposite sex and the school then hides this information and deceives parents.  This is madness.

    A child that is experiencing gender dysphoria or incongruence needs their parents, not more secrets.  Their parents or guardians are responsible adults who need all available information to provide them the most loving response and care.  Parents must be able to provide the best range of resources, from arranging counseling and medical care to adopting a “watchful waiting” approach or even guiding a gender transition, all while accompanying their child.  Supporting children to maintain one identity at school and a different identity at home is not in the best interest of children and is a recipe for more mental health distress in Connecticut and worse.  

    Many older gay people like Robert and I know this and are appalled over what is happening.  We support classic liberal, anti-bullying measures instead of the poorly-researched narcissistic reorganization of society which is unleashing far-left radicalism on our school children. We place ourselves at odds with other lefties and experience some personal and professional risk because of it.  I don’t tell you this to gain pity or to convince you, but to challenge you and implore other adults to admonish school officials from adopting these policies and prevent them from keeping transgender secrets from parents.

    To this end, I encourage the moderate middle of Connecticut to check out the website and information that some Connecticut organizations have developed, including LGBTS United, to encourage policymakers to protect children. 

    Visit them at letparentsparentct.org.  On that website, they give instructions on how to organize with other adults and contact your legislators, particularly in the General Assembly committees on Children and Education to take up this issue.

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