• Stand Up Connecticut:  Say NO To Lamont's Outrageous Proposal To Ban Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

    August 19, 2023
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    Last winter our power grid could not keep up with demand, forcing Eversource to obtain power from other providers at a higher cost, and leaving consumers with massive electric bills, nearly double the normal rate. Eversource even suggested Connecticut could experience power outages as a result of increased demand at that time. 

    So when I heard about Governor Lamont's plan to ban the sale of gas powered cars by 2035, forcing everyone to switch to electric vehicles (EV's), I was shocked to say the least.

    While I am not explicitly against EV’s, I am gravely concerned that the power grid in Connecticut cannot handle the substantial increase in demand resulting from Lamont's all-electric mandate. In addition, more importantly, I am against forcing this unwanted mandate on the good citizens of Connecticut.

    An important consideration with this forced mandate is the cost of purchasing an EV. The average price of the top ten electric vehicles in the U.S. was about $61,442 in 2022. Compare that to the average salary in CT, which is $66,000 a year, with the low end of the range hovering around $34,000, and the higher end of the range at $109,000 according to http://Ziprecruiter.com

    Electric cars are not only expensive to buy, they are also expensive to operate, especially here in Connecticut based on the current prices of electricity.

    That means that for the average person in Connecticut, purchasing an EV is far out of the realm of financial possibility. They just can't afford it.

    Lamont's mandate to ban the sale of gas powered automobiles is unconstitutional. The purpose of Government is to have limited power to be used to protect the individual rights of citizens, not take them away through forced mandates.

    If this mandate were to pass, imagine how many Connecticut residents would be forced to give up the personal freedom they currently enjoy by driving themselves? They would be forced onto public transportation due to unaffordable EVs that would cost as much as their annual salary, or more.

    Also consider how electricity taxes might change once petroleum revenues start to dry up.

    And what would the implications be for shipping companies whose trucks travel Connecticut highways? They are already being taxed extra for diesel, and from what I understand, will soon be taxed for mileage on our highways.  The fees, which would begin in January, would range from 2.5 cents per mile for vehicles weighing 26,000 to 28,000 pounds to 17.5 cents per mile for trucks weighing more than 80,000 pounds. They apply to travel on all roads, not just on limited-access highways, in the state.

    What about other potential implications on the supply chain?  How much more might it cost for food and clothing under this mandate?

    Now consider the implications for mass transit, or for public services in towns, such as fire trucks, ambulances and school buses. That reminds me... didn’t an EV bus catch fire last year in Connecticut?

    Source: Firehouse.com article on Hamden, CT, electric bus fire.

    I know some of you are tired of talking about politics. I am too.

    But this is not about politics. This is about our basic freedoms.

    Just like the government used covid to take away our medical freedom, the government now wants to use the Clean Air Act to decide who will drive, and if you do not have the money or proper clearance, you may not even be able to drive.  

    Remember government should be for the people, by the people -- not for the Governor, by the Government.

    If you agree with me, please register to speak out at the public hearing on the EV mandate on August 22nd beginning at 9am.

    The public comment period on the new mandate remains open until August 23rd.  Please send your comments to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and town. And your comment can be as simple as: "VOTE NO to the ban on gas-powered CT cars!"

    Thank you for standing up for our basic freedoms.

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    Stephen Delos Wilson

    What is it about these Yankee states that makes them want to continually shoot themselves in the foot? Just a rhetorical question.

    Jack S Wesa

     "VOTE NO to the ban on gas-powered CT cars!"

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