• Greenwich Public Schools Announces Free "In A Heartbeat" Cardiac Screening—Remember How Much The School Pushed Covid Vaccines?

    September 15, 2023
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    The School Nurse Supervisor for Greenwich Public Schools (GPS), Jessica Wieneke, emailed parents today to let them know that In A Heartbeat, a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization, will be providing free cardiac screenings on October 11, 2023, from 4:00-8:00 PM at Greenwich High School. 

    Wieneke cited the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which started calling for all children to be screened for conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest or death.

    The voluntary screenings will be available to students aged 12-18.

    GPS heavily promoted covid vaccines to the entire community, hosting multiple covid vaccination clinics on school grounds and even in the high school parking lot at the same time that student athletic practices took place.

    Greenwich High School Vaccine Clinic.

    Parents who were concerned about the known and unknown side effects of covid shots tried in vain to stop clinics where students felt peer-pressured into taking experimental covid vaccines, especially when they saw friends waiting in the line.

    Covid vaccines carry a myocarditis warning on the package label, something which the school did not mention a single time to parents, despite including reminders about getting covid vaccines in the weekly email to parents for more than a year.

    Source: Pfizer

    Connecticut recorded two fatal cases of vaccine-related myocarditis in adolescent boys (VAERS IDs: 2147323 and 2147324).

    At least 13 Connecticut children aged 12-18 have reported developing myocarditis after receiving a covid shot, according to VAERS.

    Even Dr. Fauci now admits the very real risk of myocarditis.

    "Of course, with the mRNA, there’s a very, very, very low risk, particularly in young men, of getting a myocarditis," said Fauci during a recent interview.

    Some GPS parents wondered if that is the real reason for the free heart screening.

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    Too much of a coincidence for me. I am sure these screenings are now beginning to be done (and probably getting pushed everywhere at this point) because of the extreme push for the Covid vaccine and the resulting injuries.

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