• Greenwich RTC Caucuses Expected To Be Lively, As Chair Ousted In 2022 Plans A Comeback With Democrat Help

    Source: Greenwich Republicans website

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    In September 2021, Greenwich Patriots asked then Republican Town Committee (RTC) Chair Dan Quigley about why the RTC selected a frequent Biden donor to run for a Republican seat on the Board of Education, thinking that recurring donations to a Democrat would be a red flag for any potential Republican candidate.

    We were wrong about that.  

    The Republican party leadership at the time had no issues selecting a frequent Biden donor to run for a Republican spot.

    Around the same time, we also asked Quigley for an opportunity to share the results of an independent survey of Greenwich Public School parents that revealed troubling signs about the presence of racist and explicit content in the curriculum—including critical race theory—thinking this would be an important election issue.

    We were brushed off, and essentially told it wasn’t an election issue.

    As it turned out, Quigley did not believe that the values of Greenwich Patriots and Trump supporters were commensurate with those of Republicans.  He doesn’t seem to think that the Republican tent is big enough to include MAGA supporters at all.That attitude cost Quigley not only his chairmanship, but also his seat on the RTC after the January 2022 caucuses and a subsequent primary in his district.
    Since then, Quigley has cozied up to Democrats, celebrated with Democrats on election night, and forged unholy alliances with James Waters, who urges people to vote against Republicans and indeed voted with Democrats in 60% of RTM votes; Stephanie Cowie, who urged Republicans to vote for Democrats in the 2023 municipal election; and the democrat front group, The Voting Moms, all in order to fight his way back onto the RTC.It’s not just Quigley fighting his way to get back onto the RTC, either.

    There are plenty of others interested in infiltrating the RTC, and indeed dozens of voters have recently changed their party affiliation to Republican to perhaps join the take-over plans.

    Even the left-leaning League of Woman Voters, which is led by Waters’ mother, is getting in on the action by encouraging unaffiliated voters to register for a party by 5pm today so they can vote in the caucuses.

    Looks like the RTC caucuses, which were once a sleepy affair, will be lively, to say the least.

    We encourage all registered Republicans to make every effort to attend your local caucus tomorrow night and vote for the candidates who stand for real Republican principles, not candidates who want to exclude and marginalize certain Republicans by calling them "extremists".  

    Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have time to show your ID and get into the room before the doors close.

    If you value freedom, if you value unity over division, if you value facts over fear, then you should make every effort to attend your local caucus.  We hope to see you there!  

    God bless our country, our state and our beautiful town!!

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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