• Greenwich Schools Adds Social Justice Evaluation Criteria For Educators

    Meanwhile, a teacher in East Hartford explained what "social justice" lessons look like in her classroom...

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    On May 16th, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) published an article called “Social Justice in the Classroom”.

    It highlights East Hartford third-grade teacher Tracey Lafayette who has focused on teaching social justice to elementary school children, and on creating "an environment that felt safe for students to engage in conversations about difficult topics” like identity and race.

    She teaches 8- and 9-year-old students five key words:  empowerment, mindfulness, community, diversity and identity.

    The mindfulness lesson, for example, leaves students with the idea that they should always be “in the green zone, feeling happy and upbeat”.  

    But then Lafayette cautions her young students that if Rosa Parks and MLK Jr were in the green zone, nothing would have changed, so she teaches youngsters that activism lies in the red and yellow zones, where you feel worried or angry — powerful feelings that lead one to take action.

    The teacher said the five words set the stage for conversations about "environmentalism, race and racism, immigrants and refugees, homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity, gender assumptions and discrimination, and disabilities and intersectionality."

    This is what social justice in the classroom looks like according to a union-aligned educator:  delivering lessons that make students feel worried and angry so that it leads them down the path to becoming a social justice warrior.

    Why is this important to understand?

    The Greenwich Board of Education just approved a new way to judge educators in the most recent BOE meeting, which coincidentally took place on May 16th, the same day the CEA published the social justice article.

    GPS educators will now be evaluated on whether they promote social justice and equity.So when you see that Superintendent Toni Jones hired two ethically-challenged educators as Greenwich elementary school principals, one of whom highlights “antiracism and DEI" as his strengths, and the other comes from a social justice middle school, you should not be surprised.

    This is all by design and part of the union’s on-going agenda to indoctrinate students with woke, progressive ideology and plenty of Marxism.  Academics be damned!

    If you have any doubts about this being the teachers union’s goal, then consider that the National Education Association, parent of the CEA and GEA (Greenwich Education Association) is holding its summer conference on Racial and Social Justice, where attendees can learn even more about incorporating anti-racist teaching, promoting equity, and delivering social justice lessons in the classroom.

    Not just that, but The NEA conference also has a session on how to ‘decolonize’ the curriculum, a revisionist history lesson from the 1619 Project, and it celebrates Brazilian Paolo Freire, a Marxist credited with redefining literacy through critical consciousness aka critical race theory.

    Is this what Greenwich parents really want for schools?  A social justice training center?

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