• Hartford Courant CENSORED Center Left Op-Ed On Gender Dysphoria At Last Minute

    March 28, 2024

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    Surprising, or perhaps not.

    The Centinal just learned about an op-ed that got through the hoops at the Hartford Courant and was scheduled for publishing two months ago on February 5th. But then presumably the classic liberals who allowed the op-ed got slammed by their far left Woke censors at the last minute-- and the op-ed was pulled the day before publication. 

    What was the problem?

    Sources tell the Centinal that it was dismissed as "anti-trans" thereby protecting the trans medical market in the process.

    A lighter version was offered but even that got pushed along in delay, and more delay, cycles.

    Meanwhile three weeks later, an op ed by Connecticut State Treasurer Erick Russell did get published, more to the liking of the radical trans activists, their Woke followers and more importantly, the ever-expanding trans medical market in Connecticut.

    You can read the censored op-ed here.

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