• IRONY: Greenwich Republican Who Panicked About MAGA RTM Takeover Is Trying To Take Over Greenwich Republican Town Committee

    January 7, 2024

    She even wrote an Op Ed telling the Greenwich community to vote 'all Democrat' for the BET, the town's finance board, in the 2023 municipal election... but now she wants to have a say in the Republican party!

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    Unaffiliated voters in Greenwich reached out to the Centinal to share how surprised they were after getting contacted by an activist who is currently on a mission to help take over the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC).

    Stephanie Cowie, who has served on various PTA boards, the United Way, Red Cross, and was recently appointed to the First Selectman’s Advisory Committee for People With Disabilities, has allegedly been contacting voters and asking them to register as Republicans before Monday at 5pm so they can help with the takeover plan for the Tuesday RTC caucuses.

    People familiar with Cowie's campaign were disappointed about the interaction, and indicated they felt it was highly unethical for Cowie to try to convince people to switch party affiliation in order to throw the RTC vote.

    The irony of Cowie's actions, of course, is not lost on residents who recall the group letter that she signed, falsely labeling other RTM candidates "extremists" and suggesting that these perceived "MAGA" candidates would use "divisive rhetoric and a lack of decorum" if elected to the RTM.

    Source: Greenwich Free Press

    "What we see happening in the US Congress, where a small number of far-right Republicans have held that body hostage will happen right here in Greenwich," warned the group letter signed by Cowie.

    Cowie didn't stop there, however, and went on to fully endorse The Voting Moms, a Democrat front group that did take over the Greenwich RTM, the town's legislative body, in 2023.

    She actually asked people to vote for all Democrats for the BET, the town's finance board, in an Op Ed.

    That's not exactly the kind of behavior one would expect from a Republican in good standing, is it? Telling Republicans to vote for Democrats?

    But that "shouldn't be a surprise" according to people familiar with the situation.

    Cowie, who has held numerous roles in the PTA, has never used her activism to protect parental rights that were under attack, especially during the pandemic.

    She hasn't one single time stood up to fight against divisive DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) plans, like when the Superintendent had ~50 administrators undertake a guided reading of the critical race theory classic, White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo.

    She never pushed back against critical race theory after its presence was revealed in Greenwich High School by a former Board of Education member.

    She didn't push back when Superintendent Toni Jones said she planned to implement the divisive ideology of Ibram X. Kendi in order to make Greenwich an "anti-racist" school.

    She hasn't pushed back against the National PTA's equity and DEI-driven mission or its blatant progressive bias which is funded, in part, thanks to dues money from local PTAs.

    She's also well aware of the issues with inappropriate and pornographic books in Greenwich school libraries, and was even given a handout with examples of controversial books during a Board of Education meeting while she actively held a role on the PTA.

    But did she do anything to help frustrated parents, including her fellow Republicans, navigate the book issue while she served on the PTA?


    In fact, the National PTA position on library books calls for banning "outdated" books that might have "disparaging representations" (think Dr. Seuss) and replacing them with contemporary diverse books that allow everyone to be "seen" (e.g,. gender identity books, books about transgenderism).

    Does that sound like a policy that a Republican should support?

    And now she wants to take over the RTC, along with the radical Voting Moms who are acting more like an unregistered PAC than a couple of moms who want to "have a voice" in the local political process through voting.

    Good luck keeping the Greenwich RTC Republican!

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    Hide your children, Republicans. The RINOs are coming in hard and fast!


    Looks like a Male version of Chris Christie.


    "How dare you assume either's gender!" - D. Mulvaney

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