• Jim Himes Says Trump Supporters Have "Joined A Cult" And "Are Not Open To Reason"

    Screenshot, MSNBC

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    U.S. Congressman Jim Himes (CT) appeared on MSNBC on August 20, 2023, to let you know he is still a never-Trumper, in case you had any doubt.

    He also appears to be perturbed over the fact that Trump's supporters are still backing the former President, and dismissing the very premise of the growing list of indictments.

    "You know, Trump's most fervent supporters, most fervent supporters, you know, are not open to reason or not open to arguments. CBS News just put out a poll that suggests that Trump's voters value him as a source of truth by eight points more than they value their friends and family and by thirty points more than they value religious leaders," Himes said.

    "So, I mean, these are people who, and I sort of hate to use the bombastic language, but these are people who have joined a cult," Himes continued. "This is where we have come because so many Americans decided to join the cult of Donald Trump."

    Earlier this summer Himes sent an email to constituents about "MAGA Extremists" who challenge inappropriate library books. He called these parents "out of touch extremists" for wanting to have a say in what kind of content their children see in school libraries. He even promised to read some "banned books" this summer in solidarity with what some might call a cult of progressivism.

    One of the books that Himes indicated he would, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, is rated adults only. A passage in the book depicts a dying man who describes the pleasure he derived out of molesting "little girls" as the only thing he will miss when he dies. Another passage details the sexual assault of a child who subsequently loses consciousness and faints on the kitchen floor.

    Whether Himes finished his summer reading remains to be seen, but constituents have encouraged him to offer a book review for The Bluest Eye once he's done reading it.

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