• GOLDSTEIN AND LEVY: Antisemite Label Takes A New Turn

    Submitted By Dr. Michael Goldstein and Leora R. Levy, Republican National Committeewoman-Connecticut

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    Fellow Greenwich residents, neighbors, parents and friends,As Jewish Republicans and also recent candidates for the House of Representatives from the 4th District and US Senate from Connecticut, we take great exception to the offensive and irresponsible accusation by DTC Chairman, Joe Angland that the Greenwich RTC is anti-Semitic.  We are both members of Temple Sholom, and Dr. Michael Goldstein is a past member of its Board of Directors.  

    In the 2022 Primary for Congress in the 4th District, over 1,000 Greenwich Republicans signed the petition to put Michael Goldstein on the ballot and the majority of the Republican voters in Greenwich voted for him in the primary. Leora Levy also won the Republican Primary, both in Greenwich and the entire state, and became the Republican candidate for US Senate. This could not have happened if Republicans were anti-Semitic.  In fact, when you compare platforms and policies, we would argue that the Republicans in Greenwich, in Connecticut and nationally are actually philo-Semitic, especially when compared to Democrat policies and some of their most renown leaders in Washington and nationally.

    The Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) members and volunteers spent hundreds of hours door knocking, putting up yard signs and hosting events to support both campaigns in 2022. These are among the hardest working volunteers in our state. They united to stand up for our shared beliefs of protecting parental rights and academic achievement in schools, stopping high rise buildings and protecting our town and always prioritizing the American People. They have also fought rising spending so that Greenwich remains a beautiful town with low taxes.

    Greenwich Republicans believe in the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic: freedom of expression, religious freedom, equality for all, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Greenwich Republicans support a government that is by the People and for the People.

    The crucial November 7th local election is coming up. It seems that the Democrats cannot run on their record nor their policies so they have resorted to disparaging their oppponents with shocking slurs instead. Democrat Chairman Mr. Joe Angland’s character attack on RTC members being anti-Semites is appalling. We would not associate with known anti-Semites and we can categorically say that we have not experienced anti-Semitism in the Greenwich RTC.  

    The statement calling Greenwich Republicans anti-Semitic by Mr. Angland demonstrates a new low in the Democrats’ tactics of character assassination of their opponents when they cannot argue the merits nor the success of their policies. 

    Frankly, among the contributing factors to the increase in anti-Semitism in America are the anti-Semitic statements and actions by the leaders of radical progressive wing of the Democratic party, known as the Squad in Congress: Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and others. What has the Greenwich Democrat Party done to condemn their anti-Semitic remarks and actions? When have the Greenwich Democrats spoken out against, the BDS movement, and the virulent and growing anti-Semitic activity on college campuses or the anti-Semitic attacks on synagogues in CT and throughout the country? The Democrats continue to pander to and support anti-Semitic political operatives such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. Where is the condemnation by Greenwich Democrats of those who are known and vocal anti-Semites within their own party?  Crickets!

    The next Greenwich RTC meeting is in Town Hall on September 20th at 8 pm. Please come join us and see us in action. We are a diverse group of smart, hardworking, committed volunteers working to preserve Greenwich, which is an incredible place to raise a family, live, work and retire. And Greenwich Republicans want to keep it that way!  That means keeping property taxes among the lowest in the state. We do not want to become the next Scarsdale, NY with property taxes that are almost 3 times higher than ours.

    Unfortunately, as the election gets closer, we can anticipate that the attacks will escalate in print, social media, texts, phone calls and by mail. Signs will also be defaced or destroyed or even faked again. When you see the attacks, please remember where you live, how you live and what it takes to preserve it. This includes responsible spending, excellent public schools, low taxes, local zoning with Republicans leading the effort to say “NO!” to demands from Hartford. Democrats are counting on you not remembering who has run our Town so well for decades.  Please remember to vote on November 7!  The future of our Town is on the ballot.  Please vote Republican to protect the character and qualities we all love about Greenwich.   And let’s hope that the response to our letter is substantive, not another personal attack. 

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