• Lamont And DeLauro Get Covid Booster Shots At Fair Haven Health Presser With CDC Director

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    CDC Director Mandy Cohen visited Connecticut today to push covid booster shots even though the CDC previously confirmed that the available data and science do not support annual covid shots.

    Cohen warned attendees, “covid is still with us.” Then she assured the audience that this latest version of the experimental shot will "protect everyone from an ever-changing virus".

    She failed to mention the very real risk of adverse events, including death, that have resulted from taking experimental Covid shots.

    Source: OpenVAERS

    She also declined to talk about the fact that previous covid shots did not protect everyone from the virus either, and that 232,016 vaccine recipients reported getting covid as an adverse effect to covid vaccination.

    Nor did she point out that this latest booster was tested on just ten mice before being rolled out to humans, according to data provided by Pfizer to the CDC in September.

    Never mind those details.

    Just keep fearing covid and go get another shot. Right now!

    And don't worry about the cost because insurance will figure it out... except when it doesn't. Which is happening more frequently since the private sector assumed responsibility for covid shot distribution from the federal government.

    The out-of-pocket expense for some customers can exceed $100 for a booster shot.

    U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Ned Lamont, and Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani all attended today's Big Pharma-friendly press conference in Fair Haven.

    DeLauro used the opportunity to spread fear about covid, echoing the CDC Director's comments. “We all wish Covid was over, but it’s still here with us," DeLauro cautioned before urging people to get more covid shots.

    Lamont and DeLauro each got two shots in front of the audience: a Covid booster shot and a flu shot. But have there been any studies on administering both of those shots at the same time? Or is that part of the on-going experimental nature of covid shots?

    By the way, demand for covid shots has fallen off a cliff.

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