• Leslie And The Bankers Put On A Show

    October 19, 2023
    Leslie Moriarty, Greenwich Democrats.

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    Last night’s BET debate highlighted just how out of touch Greenwich Democrats are with Greenwich voters. On the Democrat slate for BET are six very wealthy people mostly from the Banking industry. They think they know what medicine you need and they’re going to give it to you whether you want it or not.

    Mr. Selbst is a lawyer who previously worked at the now defunct Lehman brothers; Mr. DesChamps is an investment advisor (aka sales guy) who used to work for Morgan Stanley; Mr. Weisbrod spent his whole career at JP Morgan (hint: he didn’t start in the mail room); Mr. Alcheck sold CDOs at Goldman Sachs (CDOs were a major cause of the 2009 banking collapse); and Scott Kalb managed money for the Korean government and is a member of a leftist Washington DC Think tank and the globalist World Economic Forum.

    Those banks are not known as bastions of integrity either, and some have paid more in fines than BP did for the Deep Water Horizon Spill. And that’s just what they got caught doing. It’s little wonder these folks are so busy virtue-signaling.

    The odd woman out is Ms. Moriarty, formerly of W. R. Grace who, together with Laura Erickson, foisted MISA on Greenwich – the largest high school auditorium in the state and the only building in town which required a cofferdam to build. (The jury is still out on whether the new Central Middle School will need a cofferdam too, but it will surely need a lot of rock blasting.)

    Leslie and the Bankers think they are well suited to run Greenwich finances, though unlike most people in Greenwich they have never had to worry about their personal finances, and their banks were regular recipients of government bailout funds. Among them, Leslie and the Bankers have 4 Ivy League degrees, and Mr. Weisbrod was very impressed by all those diplomas. The rest of us know they are mostly about donations, connections and legacy, and not about hard work or intellect.

    At the BET debate, Leslie and the Bankers claimed that they will not involve Greenwich in any long-term debt, while at the same time claiming it would be best for Greenwich if they did. The Bankers even boasted that they knew more about such financing than the Republicans. And it’s true, such bankers know how to spend big on borrowed money, as we all learn anew, each time they nearly take down the US economy with their latest lending scheme. (Biden seems to be trying to finish the job now.)

    Contrast Leslie and the Bankers to the Republican slate which has four people who have been involved in running Greenwich Finances for decades (Leslie Tarkington, Karen Fassuliotis, Lucia Jansen and Harry Fisher), along with a senior accountant, Mr. Alfano, and Ms. Arora a COO of a commodities firm. Their banking (and borrowing) experience is more limited than the Democrats’ but their common sense is infinitely superior – they know it’s much better to pay for what you spend than to put it on your credit card.

    The Republicans have only two Ivy League graduates, a point in their favor, and, like Greenwich itself, the Republicans are less male, less white and MUCH less rich than the Democrats who pretend to be diverse and who claim they speak for the middle class when really, they are just out of touch.

    Instead of virtue signaling about Climate Change and High Rises, Leslie and the Bankers should be concerned with keeping taxes low so that people already here can afford to keep living here. We don’t need giant auditoriums or over-the-top school buildings and we don’t want our Children paying for them with the Democrats’ credit card from the future.

    Vote Row B in November.

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