• LOCASCIO: Once A Voice For The Mets, Wants To Be A Voice On The Greenwich RTM

    October 28, 2023
    Andrea Dawn LoCascio

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    My name is Andrea Dawn LoCascio and I’m running for the RTM in District 12. Before I even had an opportunity to express that, or write even one iota of a thought about it, I appear to have Democrats, through their campaign emails, implying that I'm a part of some “far-right, MAGA Group” because my name appeared on someone's recommended list for the RTM.  This association couldn’t be further from the truth.

    It’s truly draconian measures they’ve used in their campaign messaging. It’s repressive. Uneducated, at best. And scorchingly unfair not to mention severely inaccurate.

    I’ve lived in Riverside for the past 2 decades and I love Greenwich. I’ve proudly graduated from The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, New York  (Westchester County) and I’m also an Alum of Iona University … that’s why I’m running, to continue making a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I love civil service - and our Greenwich Police Department and there’s another reason why I’m running. I love my neighbors and friends who I’ve made here.. that’s why I’m running. And I strive to make decisions for the benefit of everyone involved - which is precisely why I am running.

    Not because I report or run with anyone because I absolutely do not. And certainly not, if I were elected as a Member of the RTM.

    Instead, my role, my essence, as a member of the RTM would be similar to that of Fred Camillo as it pertains to our entire town… in the way that he always tries his best to keep everyone happy, and remains as diplomatic as possible.

    Not only do I admire Camillo’s approach, but if I get elected to the RTM.. I’ll mimic it! After all, in truth, who doesn’t strive to relate to as many people as possible? That’s what being popular is all about. And by a wide margin, much more importantly, to me, it’s all about the ability to possess a deeper understanding about the human condition and all that one can accomplish once they achieve that. It’s limitless. 

    Forget Democrats and Republicans!!!

    That said, I still don’t feel like there’s a lot to explain here except to ask the Dems, please, not to judge anyone as they have me as well as a host of my respected colleagues  ~ especially, if they don’t truly know them.

    I’ve worked as an equities trader for the majority of my life, and in retail, and I’m a proud employee of Stamford Health & Medical Group. I’m a member of the Greenwich Postvention Team, graduated from The Citizen’s Police Academy and have worked and volunteered for those either seeking public office or in office.

    I’ve sung the National Anthem countless times for The New York Mets at Shea (10 years to be exact) as well as for The NY Knicks and NY Liberty at MSG. That’s what I’m about.

    I’m a singer, and a music writer in my spare time - and I’ve made tons of friends all of who I’ve managed to maintain my entire life, since childhood and beyond. This is me.

    As for my family, we’re all extremely close - and we spend a great deal of time together. Yet despite all this, and 1,000 other things about me, I still wish to dedicate the time necessary to serve on the RTM in the public realm on even a minor level.

    I’m quite a genuine individual, transparent..  and I care sometimes too much. These qualities and characteristics are what I’m about. These qualities fuel me. These qualities make me a fantastic choice for the RTM.

    And there’s no prancing around as part of any “MAGA” Group.

    With this in mind, … no matter who you choose on that ballot come November 7th, be sure you haven’t been misled before you cast your vote.

    Avoid this by talking to people you respect who are already serving in the public realm.

    The bottom line is, I have every confidence that there will be many fine people on the bill, or ballot, or whatever we call it, Republicans and Dems alike. You just have to find out who the real ones are before Election Day. 

    Andrea D. LoCascio
    Greenwich CT
    RTM Candidate for D12

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