• Terrorist Proxy Armies

    October 27, 2023
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    Hamas, active in Israel at the behest of Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, a dark imitation of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, has been compared by some wide-awake commentators with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proxy army, the Wagner Group. Putin, some Western political speculators reckon, may be at death’s doorstep, but this rumor may be either hopeful thinking or Russian propaganda.

    Actually, Iran has at its disposal three carefully groomed proxy armies: Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, bordering Israel to the north, and the Houthi in Yemen.

    Proxy armies allow their leaders to assume indifference and deniability to the damage sown by the proxy army, while assuring that no body bags will choke the streets of Moscow or Tehran. Generally, people react unfavorably to the stench of corpses brought home by failed state leaders.

    Hessian forces had their uses during the American Revolution, but it was only battlefields scarred by the lifeless bodies of British soldiers that turned the tide in America from colonialism to liberty and independence.

    After a direct and successful attack by Hamas terrorist forces -- supported as always by Iran, a state that provided both munitions and training to Hamas -- Israel is hoping to rid Gaza of its Iranian supported overlords. The Israeli state seems united in its mission of destroying, root and branch, both Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Hamas, both a Gazan government and a terrorist organization, is wholly dependent on the generosity of Shia Iran and its confederates.

    During the last few decades Iran has spent little of its cash reserves improving the business prospects of Palestinians, who are treated as little more than propagandistic war fodder. And Iran’s recently refilled coffers – $80 million of which is a direct result of U.S. President Joe Biden’s reluctance to impose U.S. Congressional approved sanctions on the country’s oil production – are, as usual, devoted to the dismemberment and destruction of Israel.

    Two Israeli Emergency Workers, paramedics from Israel's emergency response agency ZAKA, have described in vivid detail in the pages of The Epoch Times, the horrors they saw immediately following the Iran supported Hamas attack on Israeli young people enjoying themselves at a music festival.

    Neither vivid descriptions nor photos of Hamas’ handiwork have appeared in mainstream newspapers in Connecticut, largely because neither would be possible without causing sickening revulsion – even, one hesitates to say, among Harvard students arguing for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza following Hamas’ strike against non-militant concert attendees.

    In New Haven, Hundreds of students participated in a walk-out for Palestine, according to the Yale Daily News: “’By walking out, we are joining classmates and colleagues across the campus and across the world to demand an immediate end to Israel’s genocidal siege on Gaza, an end to U.S. funding for the occupation, and an end to the illegitimate Zionist occupation of Palestinian land,’ student organization Yalies4Palestine wrote in an Instagram post advertising the event.” 

    Photographs of such scenes would verge on sadistic pornography perhaps not covered by the U.S. Constitution’s freedom of speech amendment.

    "I'll tell you this," Yaakov [one of the emergency response workers] said. "I work in a poultry slaughterhouse. Sometimes, there are chickens that have a disease, and it is forbidden to take them out; and therefore, they kill them all so that there are no infections.

    "It looked like a duck range,” just piles of discarded bodies, in the worst conditions, thrown and scattered, just like ..."

    His voice trailed off before he finished the sentence.

    "It's hard for a human being to perceive what I saw. People are tied to their beds, and their bodies are burned. My friends on the team saw beheaded bodies, and they told me that they took a pair of parents, tied them to the fence, and in front of their eyes, they shot the children and then killed the parents.

    "It's not just to kill. It's to make the parents suffer by letting them see how they kill the children—crazy things. You don't know where this crazy mind came from, what kind of crazy mind thinks of such sadism.

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    Israel has pledged to rout Hamas from Gaza and to defend itself from attacks by Iran supported Hezbollah in Lebanon, which shares a border with Israel to the north.

    For what it’s worth, Biden appears to be ready to support Israel in its efforts to liberate both Israel and Gaza of sadistic terrorists.

    Iran, the terrorist’s financier in the Middle East, has so far escaped any punishment above verbal slaps on the wrists by wordy American politicians. Relying on terrorist proxies, body bags have yet to flood the streets of Tehran, and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, asked recently whether he would abide by conditions put by the United States on what can only be regarded as a cash loan to Iran sponsored by The Great Satan, the Supreme Leader of Iran replied insouciantly, contempt dripping from his nose, that the $8 million in the pipeline belonged legally to Iran and Iran will spend the returned money as it sees fit.

    One imagines that little of the $8 million unimpounded cash, or the $80 million Iran has managed to haul into its coffers as a result of the Biden administration’s inattention to the will of the U.S. Congress, will be provided to Gazans as business loans.

    Iran, we all know, is not in the business of making life more profitable for Gazans. It is in the Murder Incorporated business.

    Harvard and Yale protestors take note.



    Don Pesci

    Don Pesci is a political columnist of long standing, about 40 years, who has written for various state newspapers, among them The Journal Inquirer, the Waterbury Republican American, the New London Day, the Litchfield County Times, the Torrington Register Citizen and other Register Citizen papers. He maintains a blog, among the oldest of its kind in Connecticut, which serves as a repository and archive, for his columns; there are approximately 3,000 entrees in Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes From A Blue State, virtually all of them political columns stretching back to 2004. He also appears once a week Wednesdays on 1080 WTIC Newstalk radio with Will Marotti.

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