• MAISANO: Hey Guilford Republicans, Will You Stand Or Take A Knee?

    Bill Maisano with his daughter.

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    I am a white, Christian, conservative, straight man. Connecticut is a dark navy blue state. I also live in one of the deepest blue towns, Guilford. What does this mean for people like me? Men and women who, for a variety of reasons, are stuck here.

    The answer is that you only have two choices. Stand up or shut up. There is nothing complicated here. You are going to make a choice. Will you stand or take a knee?

    I am going to share my experience with you for what it is worth. I'll spare your having to read about all of the hatred and venom spit at me. That would be complaining, and I have no tolerance for that. 

    Two years ago, I ran for the Guilford BOE. But, to prevent even one conservative voice winning a seat, the left gamed the system. To circumvent the minority representation rule, they formed a fusion slate of Democrats and Independents of like mind. It was legal, and insurmountable. 

    Because of what people saw us go through two years ago, Guilford will have no Republicans on the ballot this November. I offered to have another go at it, but the idea was rejected. I'm too much of a lightning rod. That point is definitely accurate. I'm not naive, and understand that deciding to stand comes at great cost. Is it worth it?

    I have to look at myself every day in the mirror.  As a father, I am, until the day I die, the guardian of the children God has blessed me with. I will defend their morals and values. I will be an example that they should never compromise their core beliefs.

    My wife, my partner, the mother of my children. Yes, I put her on a pedestal because she deserves no less. She knows everything I do will be out of my love for my family. 

    My life would certainly be easier if I chose to shut up. I choose to stand because I need to be at peace with God, and I can do that by only taking a knee for him. No one else. 

    Run, get involved, and be heard. You're going to take arrows, but never feel more at peace.

    I hope you'll stand.

    Bill Maisano 

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