• MIT Students Invite Steve Kirsch To Cross Vaccine Rubicon

    December 3, 2023

    Kirsch "red-pills" a packed audience.

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    Guest post by Adam Deng and Spencer Sindhusen

    Destroying the "safe and effective" vaccine narrative, Steve Kirsch MIT '80, inventor of the optical mouse, returned to his namesake auditorium when the MIT Students for Open Inquiry (MSOI) invited him. Kirsch red-pilled a packed audience on the dangers of COVID vaccines, revealing record-level data for the first time in history. Drawing on sources from New Zealand, Israel, and the Maldives, and examining US nursing home data, Kirsch painted a devastating picture never displayed before by mainstream outlets. Over 13 million people worldwide, killed by vaccines, and 675,000 Americans—and this is just a conservative estimate.

    A common theme, Kirsch analyzed, was the precipitous rise in death rate over time since vaccination. Had vaccines worked, the line would've been flat, or have a slightly negative slope. In the 20 most vaccinated countries, excess mortality soared post-vaccine. VAERS death reports skyrocketed in the US in 2021. And with every conceivable confounding variable accounted for, there is no other culprit for the staggering number of unexpected deaths post-vaccination beside the vaccines themselves.

    Kirsch further exposed the total refusal of mainstream science to look at the data. He offered the data to the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, and California Department of Public Health, all of which ignored him. For the establishment, the "safe and effective vaccines" trope backed by cherry-picked information became sacrosanct gospel, and any data contradicting it got ignored or, worse, suppressed. Even more damningly, Kirsch challenged the pro-vax camps to debate him at MIT; none accepted. In particular, Prof. Robert Langer, Moderna co-founder and MIT Institute Professor, did not answer Kirsch's messages or emails.

    From wire to wire, the night was filled with thunderous applause, for Kirsch's data-driven approach to and analysis of vaccines, and MSOI's bravery for hosting the event. "Now, it is time to restore MIT back to the land of curiosity and to the land where academic and intellectual freedom can flourish," opened MSOI captain Adam Deng. As MSOI co-pilot Spencer Sindhusen added, great scientific breakthroughs in the past like Darwin's theory of evolution were enabled by thinkers' audacity to question the status quo. MIT, the epicenter of science and technology, should embody this spirit of open inquiry. But that is sadly not the case. Deng further observed a distinct lack of action on college campuses across the country to platform "speakers on the would-be fringe." Fortunately, the tide is turning. This MSOI event, Deng stated, gave the MIT community "a dose of what it means to tackle intellectual heterodoxy and dissent. We are the action arm of those who want free speech."

    The MSOI presented a statement condemning "the censorship and punishment of individuals who question the establishment narrative on covid", and denouncing "the world's elite institutions—the universities and governments, including MIT—for establishing and strengthening the censorship complex around covid."

    After a riveting lecture by Kirsch and Q&A from the audience, "the Rubicon has been crossed," proclaimed Deng. He further likened the presentation to the 1775 "Shot Heard 'Round the World", in two ways. First, that data were unleased--data the mainstream media, big pharma, and self-proclaimed intellectuals in academia never wish anybody to see. "Imagine if the world knows about these data," Sindhusen acclaimed. Second, that the academic bubble of conformity had been ruptured. On the motivation for and necessity for inviting Kirsch, Deng declared, "We must love and fight for our freedom more than we are scared of the consequences for doing so."

    To medical freedom and free speech advocates alike, Kirsch's talk marks the triumph of open inquiry over censorship and ignorance, and MSOI constitutes hope for the younger generations. As for the debate-dodging pro-vaxxers who once enjoyed total narrative supremacy over academia, their monopoly has been ruptured by the MSOI. One can only hope they will have enough data and evidence on their side as their taunt of "anti-vaxxer" rings ever hollower.

    The full talk can be watched below — timestamps as follows: Intro 13:51 • Speech 23:32 • Q&A 1:49:45 • Closing thoughts 2:31:30:

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