• MONTANARO: Greenwich Republicans Beat Back The National Predators Who Saw An Opportunity To Come For Our Town

    January 8, 2024
    Joseph Montanaro

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    Considering November's resounding victory for Republicans after one of the nastiest campaigns in the town’s history and against opponents who had an electorate advantage, I firmly believe THIS RTC and its leadership have earned a glowing endorsement from local Republicans.

    Greenwich DTC had the support of the Governor, a U.S. Senator, U.S. House Rep, the CT AG, several State Reps, endless bluster from left-wing national organizations like Indivisible, Voices for Democracy, the PTA's database for disseminating fake info, a favorable BoE and Superintendent.

    We had each other, we had you, and we won.

    This was due to the unprecedented turnout. Voter turnout was totally and completely driven by the RTC ground game. Hundreds of new residents stepped up, got involved, motivated everyone they knew to come out and vote. The BET (Board of Estimate and Taxation) was our campaign and they received far more votes than 2021. Compare their numbers to the top of the ticket numbers in 2021 & 2023. Each Republican BET candidate received an average of 1,100 more votes than they did in 2021. This resulted in over 57k cumulative votes for our Republican BET.

    This RTC worked within and throughout all districts in a year where Greenwich was up for grabs. Emboldened Democrats, seeing the changing demographics of the town and with the help of Republicans reticent about supporting this RTC, came after Greenwich in a big way. We withstood the onslaught. YOU, the voters, stood with us and kept Greenwich Republican.

    We have built an unbelievable coalition of common-sense citizens, and it showed in amazing fashion on November 7th. I was at the D8 polls from 5:30am until 7:30pm. Never even took a seat. The number of hugs, high fives, and handshakes I received and gave are countless. Dozens of volunteers, RTM candidates and friends all assisted. Over 2,200 people voted IN-PERSON in District 8 and we carried the BET that controls the purse strings of Greenwich.

    There were people who actively undermined us throughout. People with Rs next to their names, and not a darn thing was done about it by many with the power to do so. Sad to see.

    Those days are over. I expect more from legacy Republicans and our newly elected Republican officials. 

    Let us get this done. Our tent is HUGE now. Now is the time to capitalize and put everyone's support behind this RTC and the Republican community at large. (Legacy members and New.)

    The fact that Republicans swept the elections here in Greenwich with every card stacked against us is a true testament to current party leadership and our ability to inspire like-minded residents who have not had a voice in recent years. They do now!

    The worst of the Democrat and their affiliates' attacks were on high-quality men and women, good neighbors who were ruthlessly labeled and vilified publicly. This will not go unchecked anymore. These Greenwich Republicans will hold the line of accountability.

    A deceitful group called the Voting Moms put together a “list” without ever interviewing many citizen volunteers who were running for town government and found themselves on said list. They certainly never interviewed those who were left off their list and subsequently/repeatedly slandered. This DTC/Indivisible shell company went around calling good people "extremists" ahead of an RTM election.

    Congrats to all our candidates, but most of all, congrats to the relentlessly brave volunteers who stood up, ignored the noise and fought for our town. It was truly inspirational. The turnout was incredible, and our tent was proven to be ever expanding!

    Whether it was your Great Grandparents who chose Greenwich as the place to raise their family, or you just moved in & everyone in between, you chose Greenwich for a reason. It is the best place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

    Let's keep it that way.

    We stand with you, The People.

    Joe Montanaro
    Greenwich Republicans

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Congrats to the Greenwich Republican team. You held the line - now to advancing the ball for the town!

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