• National PTA Mission Driven By "Equity" and DEI, Supported Through Local, State PTA Dues

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    Many town PTAs in Connecticut (e.g., Greenwich, Westport, Fairfield, Hamden, Stratford) fall under Connecticut PTA, which falls under the National PTA.

    The National PTA has made a such a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) that it says “equity” drives its mission.  

    So it should not be a surprise that the CT PTA supports this mission, too, and links to the National PTA DEI toolkit to help educate local members about DEI.  The CT PTA 2022 Public Policy Agenda even includes advocating for “equity” and social emotional learning among its top priorities.  

    CT PTA asserts that it “must advocate at all levels to eradicate the negative impact of institutional racism” so it urges state and local officials to invest in education on institutional racism.  This includes the use of implicit bias training and "culturally-appropriate" curriculum.  

    Local PTAs are encouraged to engage in advocacy, for example, on issues such as disparate discipline, “equitable” education for immigrants, and housing development policies.  Of course, just because PTAs are 501(c)3 organizations doesn’t mean they can’t take sides on and even lobby for political issues… but explicitly advocating on behalf of one party or candidate is not permitted.

    The national PTA provides talking points should the local and state PTA receive any pushback against its policy recommendations, including DEI, so as to help manage the troublemakers.  

    guide for pushing back against critical race theory says the National PTA doesn’t have a policy on CRT, but it believes in teaching an “honest and fair” history and implementing diverse and inclusive curricula. It then goes on to promote reading “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo — the same book that Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones had administrators read in the summer of 2020 — and promotes articles like “How White Parents Can Use Media to Raise Anti-Racist Kids”.

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    The National PTA even wrote a position piece on Addressing Systemic Racism which talks about the "culture of oppression” that allegedly permeates the country.  The group alleges that our nation suffers from racial division, and has failed to remedy past sins.  And that it is “our duty” to disrupt the system going forward in the name of equity, of course.

    The National PTA urges members to provide educational materials on gender identity — something which not everyone agrees should be taught in public schools.

    Though, interestingly, the National PTA also urges members to “actively seek the vigorous enforcement of current obscenity laws, laws precluding the use of children in pornography, and prohibiting the distribution of pornographic materials to children.”  

    But it seems most local PTAs have chosen to remain silent on the pervasive school library book issue, even though they are well aware of the presence of inappropriate materials in the Greenwich school system, for example.  

    The next time you write out a check to your local PTA, keep in mind that your local PTA sends dues to the state PTA.  And the state PTA sends dues to the National PTA.  So while you think you are supporting the children in your own community, you might also be supporting the very progressive policies with which you so vehemently disagree.

    P.S.  The National PTA's 2021 annual report reveals its “foundation partners” include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the CDC Foundation, among others… which might explain why CT PTA promoted Fauci's message that “teachers need to be a priority and receive the covid-19 vaccination.”  Even though these vaccines were neither safe nor effective, and have led to serious adverse events, including death. Many teachers lost their jobs for declining to take this experimental shot.


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    Bill Gates------no ethics, no integrity and zero morals.

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