• Nationalist Social Club Issues Warning: Hate Crime Charges Against Perpetrators Of Brutal Attack Of Girl In Byram Park Or They Will Be Back

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    Nationalist Social Club 131 issued a statement this morning after the group's 'peaceful protest' in Greenwich on Saturday, a protest which bore the hallmarks of possible fed involvement.

    "NSC 131 lads in Greenwich, Connecticut in response to an Anti-White gang assault on an adolescent White woman that occurred there. 

    We would remind the legislators of Connecticut and District Attorney Paul J. Ferencek that the best remedy for NSC 131 is proper punishment for minorities that ruthlessly attack our people."

    Nationalist Social Club on Telegram

    You can read more about the brutal assault here: UPDATED: Teenage Girl Brutally Assaulted By Thugs In Byram Park In Greenwich, While Onlookers Cheered, Recorded Attack.

    Greenwich Police were aware of the protest, which marched its way right by Greenwich Town Hall.

    Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo called the group's intent "misguided" but also defended the group's right to free speech.

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    This is what terrorists do. They use threats of violence to get what they want. The Connecticut government needs to arrest these people.


    Protest is a set up. Classic Marxist/Mao playbook. Create a problem offer the solution - Camillo’s and BET/WEF Kalb’s Anti-Hate Task Force. They sent in operatives to protest a fight in a park over a boy. Maybe they had help from Big or Baby Soros stirring the hate pot again. Shame on Camillo/Rabin/Meskers/Arzeno/Khanna for supporting candidates calling neighbors, caring and hardworking Americans -extremists. They are the extremists spreading hate just like CRT/SEL/DEI in our schools.


    And it’s a coincidence that a hate symbol was found in the high school just before elections so Superintendent Jones could send an alarming email to all GPS families. An email that just happened to support the uniparty (now bipartisan coalition) narrative that your neighbors are extremists. Just after Voting Moms emailed the PTA contact list telling people to vote for non extremists. Search key words to see similar incidents occurred in the US in a 2 week period just before elections.


    The dirty radical Dems and fake republicans (far worse) have a worn and tired playbook. & they don’t care what is best for you the little person! Corrupt, sell out govts. Wait until Camillo pairs his spy task force with his Chinese AI spy cameras in the name of safety all over Greenwich. Why are people raised in Greenwich hell bent on destroying it for 💰. Connecting OG to one of the most dangerous parts of Stamford using right of way to take property. That’s just stupid and tyrannical!

    Tree Ordinance

    It’s definitely a tired playbook. Look at King Lamont cutting down all the trees. He destroyed business in CT so his wife moved her business to Nashville. He chops down all of the trees for water views to lock in a higher price for the sale. And the news waits to publish it just in time for the RTM tree ordinance vote. Now owners have to ask permission and pay a town fee to chop down a tree or twig with growth. Don’t tell your neighbor what to do - buy the property or move to a private lot.


    Not feds. Infiltrated, sure, but not feds. https://bywayofplymouth.noblogs.org/nsc/

    There a reason this editorial is uncritically recirculating neo-Nazi propaganda, without identifying that the neo-Nazis are, in fact, neo-Nazis? Or mentioning that the Centinal itself broke the story that resulted in this protest?

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