• President Joe Biden To Hold $25k / Head Fundraiser In Greenwich On June 16th, One Day Before Vivek Fundraiser In Greenwich

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    CT Insider is reporting that President Joe Biden will be holding a $25,000 per head fundraiser in affluent Greenwich, Connecticut, on Friday after he delivers the keynote speech at the Safer Communities Summit in West Hartford.

    Governor Ned Lamont confirmed on Thursday morning that he planned on attending the fundraiser which is expected to take place on Lake Avenue, not too far from Lamont's own home in Greenwich.

    Reportedly, the event will be hosted by Stephen Mandel, the co-founder of the secretive Greenwich-based Lone Pine Capital, which is one of the 30 or so "Tiger Cubs" that were started by former employees of Tiger Asset Management.

    Greenwich Democrats have so far been quiet about the event. Why is that?

    Ironically, the Democrats most recent email focused on the Greenwich Republicans Lincoln-Reagan Fundraising "Party To Remember" with Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, coincidentally scheduled the day after Biden's dinner. The Democrats complained about Ramaswamy's views on the IRS and FBI, voting rights, and climate change, and they also want you to think that his views are not aligned with Greenwich Republicans.

    Screenshot, Greenwich Democrats Email

    The Greenwich Democrats wondered who would "dish out for the $250 - $6,600 tickets" while at the same time deriding Ramaswamy as a climate denier and a capitalist.

    The Democrats also took to social media to blast Ramaswamy for embracing Trump in a tone deaf tweet that suggests "no one is above the law".


    Of course, most Republicans are scratching their heads right now wondering who in the world would shell out $25,000 a head for an opportunity to hang with Biden, who allegedly partook in a $5 million scheme involving Ukraine when he was Vice-President.

    When asked for a comment about the pricey Biden affair, the Vice-Chair of Greenwich Republicans, Joseph Montanaro, wondered, "Which Greenwich Democrats are paying $25k a plate to sit with Biden? Which policy successes of the Biden administration do they support? Who on the Democrat slate for the BET and other 2023 municipal candidates will be in attendance?"

    That last question is an especially good one since a World Economic Forum globalist was just selected to join the Greenwich Democrats' slate for the Board of Estimation and Taxation. Not just any globalist, but the same person behind the push for ZuckBucks in Greenwich, Scott Kalb.

    The Greenwich Republicans announced their fundraising party back in May, which makes the timing of the secretive Biden fundraiser all the more interesting.

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