• Putnam RTC Learns That Facebook Censors Are More Strict Than The School Library

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    This may come as a surprise, but Facebook content standards are actually more strict than the content standards promoted by school libraries in the quiet corner of Connecticut.

    You might recall that the Putnam RTC was previously censored by Facebook for posting a photo collage of perfectly appropriate, award-winning children's books with delightful illustrations that Democrats argue are "inclusive" and allow everyone to "be seen" in books.

    So when the Putnam RTC reposted the warning it received about the photo collage, Facebook removed that post for violating its Community Standards on nudity and sexual activity which say that Facebook doesn't allow users to post any content with genitals, buttocks, nipples, or that shows or implies sexual activity.

    Can you imagine the impact that would be felt if Facebook's Community Standards rule on nudity and sexual activity were applied to the books contained in school and public libraries?

    Why aren't Democrats calling out Facebook for banning books? Is this just a mere oversight? Or are Democrats unaware that Facebook has joined the culture war on books?

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