• Tom Klingenstein Offers A Powerful Speech On The Need For A Wartime President In 2024

    December 20, 2023

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    Tom Klingenstein, one of the top donors to the Republican party, just delivered a powerful speech on the current war being waged by woke terrorists to destroy America — it's a fight of freedom against slavery that he describes as a "cold civil war" that is "over the American way of life."

    "We need a wartime President, someone to rally around. A war without a commander-in-chief is no war at all. There is a Lincoln or Churchill among us, there always is. But he or she must stand up. This is not the time for polling or focus groups," said Klingenstein.

    He continued, "It’s the time for someone to lead. Someone with the courage to stand alone, someone of honorable ambition, who will call the woke charge that we are racist; what it is, rubbish. Someone who believes that America’s traditional culture is exceptional and is committed to keeping it that way. Someone who will recall the great successes of our past and renew our belief that we are capable of still more."

    He stopped short of saying Make America Again, but MAGA acolytes know there is only one man who can [and will] answer that huge call to action.

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    Everyone should listen to this 10 minute speech!

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