• Village Pediatrics "TikTokDoc" Starts Petition To Keep Westport Rainbow Pride Crosswalk All Year

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    Nikki Gorman, also known as Dr. Nikki the TikTokDoc, has started a petition to block local Westport Town Officials from removing the Pride crosswalk that was installed near Jessup Green on June 1st.

    The petition garnered 572 signatures since it was launched on June 18, 2023.

    Dr. Nikki is part of the team behind Village Pediatrics in Westport. She's also recently started an adult-focused practice called Westport Medical and Wellness Center.

    But perhaps she's most widely known as Dr. Nikki, the TikTokDoc, as she has posted hundreds of videos to the Chinese-owned social media site since April 2021. Her videos cover a wide range of topics around parenting, growing up, childhood medical issues, and so forth.

    In her second video for the platform, she highly recommended covid vaccines for teenagers and couldn't stress the importance of covid vaccination highly enough. She said the only time when she wouldn't recommend covid vaccines is if a child has had an anaphylactic reaction to a previous vaccination, something which she doesn't think she's ever seen. In particular, she recommended the now discontinued Johnson & Johnson shot because it was "one and one" and that's huge for 17-year-olds who just want to go to a party. She made absolutely no comments about informed consent, adverse reactions, or the entirely experimental nature of these shots.

    In one of her later TikToks, she gives parents advice on what to do if they suspect their child is LGBTQ, which includes giving them lots of love, loving them unconditionally, and also telling them about trans people in the news.

    In another TikTok video, she muses about being a "sapiosexual" who is someone attracted primarily to intelligence. She admits to being a sapiosexual herself, and suggests that's what some trans people could be too, which is cool in her opinion. Note that she recorded this particular video while driving, setting a rather dubious example for teens who are part of the target audience for her videos.


    She checked out the book Gender Queer from Westport Library, and wanted everyone to know how "amazing" it was. She highly recommends this book for parents and children, and thinks that anyone can benefit from it, despite the fact that it has been rated "mature" and "not for children".


    She also put out a video called "nothing in your holes" which was especially designed for kids of preschool age. She tells kids not to put anything in their holes, like their nose, their ears and also their vagina because "stuff" can get stuck and infected. But if it happens, she assures the preschoolers that doctors can pick out the "stuff".

    She doesn't want you to assume a person's gender, so she posted a TikTok about pronouns. She also encourages parents to "change the dialogue" with children, so she urges parents to talk about "crushes" and "partners" but to keep very specific pronouns and gender references out of the discussion.

    In another Teen Moment video, the TikTokDoc boasts, "we talk a lot about sexuality in our visits at Village Pediatrics." She thinks it's important for everyone to know that sexuality is a spectrum that ranges from gay to straight, with a "whole bunch of stuff" in-between. She also says that sometimes teens flip around on the spectrum, and tells teens "it's no big deal" if they have crushes on boys one year and girls the next. She lets teens know they can always reach out to her with their questions.

    Screenshot, TikTok

    In another pride month video, Dr. Nikki talks about how Billie Eilish doesn't want to reveal her sexuality. She tells teens that if a famous singer like Billie Eilish can't define sexuality, that you don't need to define it either. She then repeats the theme that "sexuality is a spectrum from gay to straight" in another Pride month video.

    Source: TikTok

    In light of Dr. Nikki's focus on sexuality and pronouns, it probably should not come as a surprise that she is leading the charge on the pride crosswalk petition.

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