• Apparently We've Been Thinking Too Much About The Greenwich First Selectman's New Thought Police

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    It seems Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo was not too fond our article or the Connecticut Centinal article about his new Thought Police committee which he says will be used to "promote civility" on the mean streets of Greenwich.

    Fred implied in his most recent Community Connections newsletter that these opinion pieces were full of misinformation, also known as "wrongthink".

    But the truth is the articles simply took what was publicly written about this newest committee of unelected officials, and offered a series of scenarios and thought-provoking questions about what might be considered a reportable offense in Fred's brave new world of policing your speech.

    In his best doublespeak, Fred said that it's "nonsense" to think that his new committee will be about "neighbors reporting neighbors" but he goes on in the very next paragraph to say that residents should know when to report their neighbors to authorities and push back against "all forms of hate that we see all too often these days."

    Furthermore, the Town's website about the committee specifically says they will "develop a phone and web reporting system for people to report acts of hate as well as find out more about education and awareness resources and community solidarity events."

    It sure sounds like a hotline for neighbors to rat out neighbors!

    Wonder how much it will cost to set that up?

    Screenshot, Town of Greenwich

    Fred said, "If we don't get on top of this, the problem is only going to get worse" and alleged that discussion about his Thought Police committee was "irresponsible" and would only "further" divide the town.

    That led many readers to wonder exactly how bad "the problem" is with hate speech in Greenwich and how much "worse" it's going to get. Some commented that it almost sounded like a promise it would get worse, and perhaps even formed the set-up for another stunt like the "groomer sign" incident. An incident we had no involvement in and denounced, but got blamed for anyway.

    Others pointed out that it was a helluva coincidence that at the same time Fred announced his Thought Police committee, similar initiatives were announced elsewhere in the U.S. (e.g., a $2,000 fine for speech crimes in Washington State) and in Canada, where Trudeau's plans, if passed, would include life imprisonment for those guilty of hate speech violations.

    But there is no such thing as a coincidence in our experience, so we did some digging.

    We learned that globalist entities like the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have been pushing for action on hate speech, misinformation and disinformation for years.

    In fact, the WEF cited "misinformation and disinformation" as the number one short-term risk and the number five long-term risk to the world in its 2024 Global Risk Report.

    The WEF globalists even called for the formation of an international body to rein in hate speech and disinformation, along with localized, community-level strategies and collective action to combat this risk.

    It sure sounds like the new Greenwich Thought Police is a direct response to this call to action, doesn't it?

    Whether Camillo realizes it or not, he is doing exactly what the globalists want him to do.

    So are the others on the committee, including clergy and school officials, who are perhaps unwittingly being used to put our local community under compliance with this oppressive globalist initiative.

    It sure makes you wonder if it's just a coincidence that an 11-year veteran of the WEF has been appointed to the Greenwich Thought Police committee. The very same globalist, in fact, who is pushing elected officials to sign a letter in support of the Thought Police. And the same globalist who was pushing for ZuckBucks.

    Here's another incredible coincidence. Did you know that Zuckbucks are apparently being used to teach election offices how to shut down free speech and influence elections?

    Go figure.

    And here we were wondering how the Town was going to fund this new "phone and web reporting system"... but maybe they already have the money? Maybe they can just use some ZuckBucks!

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    Paul A

    Good or bad we are allowed to our opinion in this country trough our first amendment. Politicians have no right to determine what speech is allowable or not allowable. Maybe he should be questioning the speech that created him to enter into to this realm of denying free speech. What he is engaging in is the suppression of free speech. On top of all this he is creating something out of nothing because this is truly a false narrative. I suggest he go read the Constitution for clarity.

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