• Greenwich Dems Reposition Voting Moms As "Citizen Journalists" After SEEC Investigation Comes To Light

    January 26, 2024
    The Voting Moms tent at Riverside School polling station on Election Day.

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    The Greenwich Dems are calling the wide-ranging SEEC complaint filed by Greenwich Republican Town Committee Chair Beth MacGillivray an "attack on free speech and the freedom of the press" in their latest missive.

    MacGillivray's SEEC complaint alleged that the Greenwich Democrat Town Committee (GDTC), all six Democrat Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) candidates, and five candidates for the town's legislative body (former RTC Chair Dan Quigley, James Waters, Steph Cowie, Jaysen Medhurst, and Steven Rubin) conspired with an allegedly unregistered PAC known as The Voting Moms during the 2023 municipal election in Greenwich.

    The best part is that the Dems are calling the complaint—which the State Elections Enforcement Commission has decided to investigate—"baseless"— the preferred term employed by Democrats to undermine facts that are not conducive to the Democrat narrative.

    It reminds us of when Democrats said there were "baseless allegations" about Hunter Biden's laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election.

    Or that there were "baseless allegations" about voter fraud in the 2020 election.

    By now, most critical thinkers understand the verbal gymnastics being deployed by Democrats to try convince you not to believe your very own eyes. Orwell would indeed be proud of their work!

    What is particularly interesting about the Greenwich Dems email, though, is that they are now trying to position Jenna Lowe and Emily Goodman, aka "The Voting Moms", as nothing more than a mere duo of "citizen journalists" who share the news, a useful service for the community, no doubt.

    The Greenwich Democrats are also implying that the newsletter produced by the "two-mom blogger team" is not unlike Greenwich Patriots "unhinged weekly screed."

    Of course, "unhinged" is another common word employed by Democrats to describe those who threaten their carefully constructed narrative, especially Donald Trump.

    So we'll take their description of our "unhinged" work as the wonderful compliment that it is, and thank them for the shout out. Every single time the Dems mention Greenwich Patriots, more people contact us to subscribe to our newsletter. The free advertising is very much appreciated.

    The Dems defended the Moms from the SEEC complaint by suggesting that all the Moms do is serve the "vital function" of sharing news "when professional news organizations are under duress."

    At least the Dems kind of admitted that the mainstream media isn't cutting it.

    But to conflate the actions of The Voting Moms, who cruelly maligned many wonderful members of our community as "extremists", a blatantly false claim, with the work of Greenwich Patriots seems more than a bit misguided.

    We wanted to take a moment to clarify some very important distinctions between The Voting Moms and Greenwich Patriots, in order to clearly demonstrate that we are not the same.

    These distinctions are particularly important because Greenwich Patriots took the time to carefully review the SEEC's guide on Traditional Political Committees to ensure that we always respect and follow Connecticut's campaign finance laws.

    The guide says "if you wish to raise or spend money to promote the success or defeat of candidates, referendum questions, or a political party, you may be required to form a political committee."

    Furthermore, whether you must register a political committee and what type you may need to register as depends on the answers to a few basic questions:

    • Will you be raising money to spend in Connecticut elections or referenda?
    • Will you be giving monies or in-kind donations to candidates, candidate committees, party committees, or traditional political committees?
    • Will you be working in coordination with candidates or such committees?

    Greenwich Patriots can confidently answer NO to all of those questions.

    But we're not so sure that The Voting Moms can do the same, as they boasted about coordinating to promote a slate of candidates for the RTM election in 2023.

    They appear to have offered "in-kind donations" to support those candidates in the form of email campaigns, election materials, and even free food and babysitting on election day.

    It's unclear if they formally raised any money for these activities in support of the 2023 election, but someone clearly spent money, perhaps personally, to purchase at least *some* election materials, such as Goodman's "Voting Moms" hat, printed signage that appeared at the polling station on election day, and free treats for voters.

    Rep. Stephen Meskers in a "Bipartisan Coalition" t-shirt standing outside the Democrats tent at Riverside polling station.

    What is clear, though, is that Patriots and the Moms are not at all the same.

    Our intention is to keep our community informed about important issues that are not reflected in the local mainstream media, to highlight events and activities that may be of interest to other Patriots, and to provide a support network for those who feel like we're living in two different worlds right now.

    Meanwhile, the Voting Moms made their intentions clear about the 2023 RTM election.

    Not just that election, but never forget that Emily Goodman is the kind of person who decided to change her registration from Democrat to Unaffiliated to Republican just so she could attempt to influence the outcome of the RTC caucus earlier this month.

    This rather despicable action puts her in the company of liberal journalist Dan Haar and thousands of New Hampshire Democrats who changed registration in order to thwart Trump in favor of globalist RINO Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary.

    The Voting Moms are hardly done with their work to make Greenwich a progressive utopia, by they way, and have signaled plans to try to influence First Selectman Fred Camillo’s town budget, affordable housing (830g), town infrastructure (including the schools), town debt strategy, proposals impacting the mill rate, and street safety and traffic.

    That sounds like a very comprehensive and ambitious progressive take-over plan coming from a couple of "bloggers" who say "it's all about voting."

    Better watch out, Greenwich!

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    Paul A

    From federal to local it’s all in the playbook to retain power and change the fabric of our country as we know it. If they say unhinged it’s because they say as they do. Just keep calling them out because and stand your ground. They will not cease.

    Robert A. Porrazzo

    If you ask me Greenwich is becoming like the planet Krypton from Superman. GCH Patriots are like Jor-El in pointing out the dangers, while The Voting Moms are like the governing counsel of Krypton, using their vanity to say no and thus doom Greenwich to destruction under the Soros/WEF/WHO globalists.

    Last edited 5 months ago by Robert A. Porrazzo
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